Currency exchange

Purchase and sale of foreign currency, non-cash foreign currency conversion operations

The Bank will provide you with the following:

  • Consultancy on the prospects of currency exchange rates, selection of optimal currency for making payments;
  • Development of individual schemes to optimise your costs;
  • Exchange rate fluctuation forecast;
  • The most convenient scheme for international settlements in export and import operations;
  • Methodological assistance in preparation of foreign trade contracts.

Currency exchange rate selection

You can select the rate at which currencies should be exchanged referring to:

  • the bank's commercial exchange rate;
  • the National Bank of Ukraine exchange rate;
  • the customer-specified exchange rate (issue an order application).

Currency transaction benefits in Privatbank


  • The funds from purchase and sale of foreign currency are credited to your account within 1 hour.
  • You can effect settlements with contractors immediately after the currency conversion.
  • A wide correspondent network and use of the SWIFT international financial telecommunications system channels provide for high-speed settlements.

Favourable fees

  • No additional fees – you pay for the currency exchange transactions at the rate established by the bank.


  • The possibility of managing your accounts via Privat24 – create and send payment documents and applications for foreign exchange transactions to the bank in less than 10 minutes.
  • 90% of customers make currency purchase and sale transactions via Privat24.

Fees and charges

Fee for purchase and sale of foreign currency no
Fee for purchase and sale of non-cash currency at the NBU rate equals to the difference between the commercial rate and the NBU rate
Consultancy on the exchange rate fluctuation prospects free of charge
Methodological assistance (consultancy on terminology, rules etc.) in preparation of foreign trade contracts free of charge

What you need to conduct foreign exchange operations:

  • Learn exchange PrivatBank online rates in office, or by using the "Findirector" application.
  • Set a "Privat24" application and the payment order for the purchase and sale of foreign currency.
  • On your instructions, the bank will deliver the purchase and sale of foreign currency.
  • Prepare and send SWIFT-payment if you want to send foreign currency to a counterparty.

You may get written consultancy service by emailing:

Mobile application "Findirector»

Findirector - a mobile application for the iPhone, which will help you to know at any time the exchange rate set at PrivatBank, monitor account balances of companies, view current interest rates on deposits of legal entities, as well as to send an application for allocation of funds in the deposit account.

Foreign economic activity

Work contracts with foreign internet bank Privat24! Accepting payments - clock, registration - until 8 p.m. Advantageous rates without additional fees. FREE onr-hour consultation on VED.

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Frequently asked questions

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