Fuel purchase from company Avias with payment delay

The opportunity to purchase fuel with payment delay of up to 180 days


  • Adjustable delay period taking into account seasonality of business.
  • You need not withdraw 100% of the purchase price.
  • Your business keeps working and bringing in profits without having to pay for the fuel upfront.

  • The possibility of paying for fuel after provision of services adds flexibility to your business allowing consideration of contracts with no advance payment implied.
  • Amount of fuel purchased is fixed at the time of transaction, thus preventing business losses in the event of an increase in cost of fuel.
  • The possibility of service in a wide network of 1,625 filling stations in all regions.
  • Use of high quality Euro4 fuel manufactured using Korepur additives developed by BASF company.
  • Use the option of payment delay for up to 180 days with usage costing 1.5% per month.