Holding tenders

You have goods & services, we have customers!

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and a world leader in the export of agricultural products. Ukraine is also home to dynamically developing metallurgical, pharmaceutical, mining and chemical industries.

Via PrivatBank’s tender site we help companies from different segments of the economy to find partners and suppliers via organising and holding tenders (competitive selection of proposals for the supply of products, services, work). Our customers are in sectors including finance, industry, construction, agriculture, aviation etc. of Ukraine, Georgia, Romania and other countries.

Working via the Tender Committee you receive such advantages as:

  • consumer market enlargement
  • co-operation on a permanent basis
  • long-time experience of holding tenders (the Committee works for 15 years already!)
  • we work with more than 10,000 suppliers in Ukraine
  • publicity and transparency of tender procedures
  • 900 types of products and services to be purchased (200,000 positions)
  • more than 90 prominent corporate customer companies.



We invite you to participate in tenders for products/services to be sold to our customers. We are open for you!


How to participate in a tender?

Hire a translator from Ukrainian or Russian. You'll need his / her services to select the tender, to pass our registration and learn the day of the auction for your products / services.

1. Determine what tender in which you will participate (at the PrivatBank tender site you will find customers for machinery and electrical equipment, construction and design work, motor vehicles and spare parts, general-purpose goods, purchases for banking institutions etc.)

2. Sign up at our Tender Site

3. Find out the date and time of the next online tender

4. Take part in the chosen tender on the very day and time

Ukrainian and Russian versions of the Tender Committee website are available here.


  • On product tenders - Elena Bay
    elena.bay@privatbank.ua, Skype Name dn231075bea
  • On service tenders - Anatoly Bidash
    anatoly.bidash@privatbank.ua, Skype Name dn160155bam