Shipping industry services

Please apply your request regarding shipping industry, crewing agencies and seamen to, we surely will reply you!

Marlow Navigation Co. Ltd, Marcrew Schiffahrts GmbH, Calista LLC, Chesva Enterprises Ltd and many other companies already cooperate with us

Seamen payroll accounting

Pay salary to seamen by SWIFT-payments into PrivatBank accounts

Should the payment currency differ from the account currency, we will open an account for a seaman in the relevant currency free of charge.

If you have any questions concerning the SWIFT-payments, call us at 380 (92) 900 00 04 or e-mail us at:

Crewing and shipping companies may ask any questions on behalf of seamen. No other bank does this.

Pay salary to seamen from your account with the PrivatBank Cyprus 

Free money transfer irrespective of the amount and number of transfers. Salaries are paid into seamen bank accounts within 1 day. Automated entry and transfer of payment orders from any country of the world.
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Payments in foreign currency service 

Pay salaries to seamen, repair team members, and office employees of a company in a single payment.
Free money distribution into card- and current accounts of PrivatBank (Ukraine).
You pay a commission only for one single payment.
A separate transit account may be opened for your company with PrivatBank (Ukraine) in EUR or USD.
Registers are transferred to PrivatBank (Ukraine) using the protected SFTP-protocol.
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Services for seamen

Why seamen and their families prefer PrivatBank services?
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