Universal business solutions

Services for Business from PrivatBank, which will be interesting and 
of benefit both to entrepreneurs and to large corporate clients.

We help you to make your business more cost-effective! 

Bank account

One in three of Ukrainian legal entities has an account in PrivatBank! This means that you save on commissions as payments between PrivatBank accounts are free of charge, and your payments are processed instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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Цілодобове обслуговування

24/7 services

PrivatBank sets a new trend in the field of services for business clients: processing transactions on accounts at all hours and on holidays and weekends.

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Non-cash payments

Convenient services and high operating speed at low fees.

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Privat24 for business

Privat24 is your 24/7 access to your accounts and their control. Plenty of opportunities in the innovative banking, a vast number of satisfied corporate clients.

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Deposits for corporate clients

Derive extra revenue from placing temporarily-available money with the market-leader bank in Ukraine!  

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Corporate cards

All accountable funds of any employee can be processed 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. Fast and convenient salary payments.

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Standing orders for regular payments

You need give the order only once to the Bank, and every month the specified amount of the standing order will be debited from your company's account to pay for services and process recurring payments.. 

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Salary project

Electronic transfer of staff salaries via payroll cards.

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International bank guarantees

Guarantee of payment, performance, or tender guarantees from PrivatBank for reliability of your transactions.

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Retail takings. Cash collection

The most convenient way to take the business takings to the bank and get the money into the account within 10 minutes! You need not worry about your money!

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топливный проект

Fuel project

"Fuel" cards – specially designed product allowing you to buy fuel, store it and use it as needed. PrivatBank and the  "Avias" company provide you with a convenient and beneficial management technology – an electronic "fuel depot".

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Financial leasing of equipment

Leasing is a long-term rent of equipment implying the option of later purchase by the Lessee. Our leasing company purchases equipment from our supplier, a PrivatBank partner, and provides it to you under financial leasing terms

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Leasing of agricultural machinery

The opportunity of purchasing the best equipment at a starting rate of 1% per annum under financial leasing terms from PrivatBank.

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Overdraft facility

Your benefits are in using credit funds for any purpose on a 24/7/365 basis and paying only the interest for actual use of credit funds – no extra fees implied.

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Avalisation of bills of exchange

Avalisation cost is significantly lower that the interest on loans sought. Due to avalized bills you will be able to agree upon deferred payment.

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