Convenient and safe purchases via internet

Please read our advices. They will help you to settle properly the accounts online with the PrivatBank cards!

You can pay the accounts online using any card issued by PrivatBank

For the safety purposes, your card is blocked on default for online settlements. You can open the card for online settlements through Privat24. The card will be available for payment on the Internet in 5 minutes upon submission of the relevant application.

What is Internet-limit and how to change it

For safety purposes, you can fix the Internet-limit – the maximal amount of the funds that you can take out of your card in the course of one calendar month. On the first day of each month the limit will be updated, and the stated amount will be again available for you.

For example, you fixed the limit of UAH 1,000.00 and made the purchase to the sum of UAH 600.00, till the end of the month you can take out of your card UAH 400.00, and next month you again will have UAH 1,000.00 available for payments via Internet. You can change the limit in any time or block the opportunity to pay online.

Video instruction

Opening a card for online payments.

Connection of the card to Google Play, App Store and PayPal

We prepared for you some helpful videos on connection to the most popular systems.


Mobile applications for your iPhone, iPod and iPad.


Google Play

Mobile applications for your Android-devices.



Adding a card to the PayPal payment system.


It is sufficient to login once only on the sites of these companies and when paying for the purchases it will be necessary to give your login and password!

You can open an Internet-card

While settling online accounts, for convenience, you can use the special Internet-card. Transfer the necessary amount to your Internet-card and feel secure about the account of your basic card, because you don’t indicate it anywhere! The Internet-card is a virtual card, you shouldn’t go for it to a branch, you can not pay with it in stores or take the money out of ATM. The card is issued and served free of charge, and payments on the card are made with no fee charged! You can replenish the Internet-card without any assistance as easy as any other card.

In what currency and in what countries it is possible to settle the accounts with the Internet-cards

You can open Internet-card in UAH or USD and use it for payment of purchases all over the world. There are no limits with regard to the countries, where the Internet-card can be used, but some stores do not accept the cards, which were opened in the other countries. If you have to convert the funds on the cards, you will pay no additional fees! Currency exchange on the card is carried out in accordance with the same rates as in the bank branches!

Be watchful and do not divulge the personal data

While paying for the purchase on the Internet it is necessary to give only a card number, expiration date and CVV2-code. CVV2-code is on reverse side of your card next to 4 last digits of card number (for example, inscription ‘4345 123’ means that your CVV2-code is ‘123’). For safety purposes, never give the CVV2 – code of your card to strangers!