Card for pay-outs

You can receive to your payment card any funds: salary, advances, travel expenses, study grants, as well money orders from relatives and business partners.

The PrivatBank takes care on provision you with comfort in your money reception. You may take the funds away from your payment card in any bank and ATM in the territory of Ukraine with no fee charged!

With your payment card you can:

  • withdraw cash from your card both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • pay for purchases and services without commissions;
  • pay for utilities at cashier's, via self-service terminal, Privat24 or mobile application "FotoKassa"
  • proceed purchases via the Internet;
  • order your tickets, make a hotel reservation etc.;
  • transfer your money to other cards;
  • pay for purchases abroad, in such case, conversion into the currency of your card is effected in accordance with the actual PrivatBank commercial rate, which is valid on the date of your purchase.

Gold Card for pay-outs

Gold Card for pay-outs is a comfortable payment instrument as well as criterion of special community membership, evidence of your success and prosperity.

With the Gold Card for pay-outs, you will become a member of the PrivatBank GOLD-Club, in addition to all opportunities of usual payment card, you get special benefits and advantages!

  • The personal service – the bank assigns a financial consultant to you, who will help you with solution of any financial problems at a time which suits you by means of a mobile phone, E-mail or Skype.
  • The opportunity to apply to the around-the-clock client support line, which is especially detached for the GOLD-Club, at telephone number 0 800 504 707.
  • Special discounts from 3 to 20% in over 3'300 Ukrainian elite companies – members of the PrivatBank VIP Discount Club.
  • The bonus offers from MasterCard: employees of around-the-clock client support line will help you with all matters related to lost or stolen cards, urgent receipt of cash, addresses of ATMs, which accept MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus cards etc. Besides, you get discounts and bonuses when paying with a MasterCard card.
  • The opportunity to make use of the service ‘Emergency cash disbursement or issue of a new card anywhere in the world.
  • The opportunity to keep valuables in PrivatBank safety deposit boxes.

Simple and free issue

Card issue with the Bank takes only 15 minutes. The passport is the main document that you need to get a card.

You will be served in any branch!

The PrivatBank has the largest network of branches among the Ukrainian commercial banks. You can apply with any matters concerning your payment card to any branch, other than that, in which you got the card! Employees of all branches will be glad to see you!

Besides, you can get a payment card with your name and photo. The card supports the PayPass technology and makes it possible to pay for purchases making one move, without showing any identifying documents, but also abroad. The card issuing fee is UAH 50, subject to fulfillment of conditions of the special offer ‘Firework of Purchases’ – free of charge.

The rates for payment cards in the national currency

  • Instant Card
  • Photo Card
  • Gold
Currency UAH, USD, EUR, RUB
Issuing fee
free of charge
Cost of providing service per month Free of charge *
Currency UAH, USD, EUR, RUB
Issuing fee UAH 50
Cost of providing service per month free of charge
Currency UAH, USD, EUR, RUB
Issuing fee free of charge
Cost of providing service per month free of charge
Charges for card crediting:
Crediting of funds from deposit accounts Learn more on Deposits page
Crediting of funds from express money transfers, SWIFT
Learn more on Money Transfers page
Crediting via Privat24 by non-cash payment from own card, via self-service kiosks, bank's tellers, by non-cash payment from third persons 0.5%
Charges for non-cash payments:
Payment for goods and services in retail outlets and online
free of charge
Transfer to a card of any bank in the world
Learn more on Money Transfers page
To the account of a legal entity with another Ukrainian bank (payments within Ukraine)
To "Universal" / "Universal Gold" card
Mobile phone account top-up
Payments via Privat24
Learn more on Privat24 page
Charges for cash withdrawal:
Charges for withdrawal of cash from the PrivatBank ATMs and cash advance offices, as well as from those of the bank-partners (Georgia, Latvia, Italy and Portugal) free of charge
Charges for cash withdrawal from the ATMs and cash advance offices abroad 2%
SMS-banking free of charge
SMS-informing on target placing to an account and other account activities when enabling a service through ATM or Privat24 free of charge
Fee for issuing a statement of the card in the bank branch UAH 100.00
Charges for getting a balance receipt in PrivatBank ATMs (with except for the receipt of cash withdrawal transaction) UAH 1.00

* UAH 20.00 pro month for membership in the Gold Club

Universal Card

Together with a payment card you can get an Universal Card enabling you to use not only your own funds, but also the credit funds of the bank. The Universal Card, as payment instrument, has the same benefits as a payment card!

With the Universal Card you can:

  • obtain the credit limit up to UAH 25,000.00 with preferential crediting period;
  • use the credit funds free of charge up to 55 days;
  • keep the own funds on the card and get 10% to their balance.
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