Ukraine’s primary deposit bank

PrivatBank is the leader in terms of individual deposits volumes.

According to GfK Group, 49.2% of Ukrainian depositors entrust their savings to PrivatBank.
PrivatBank services network is the broadest network in Ukraine.


5 benefits of PrivatBank’s deposits

Benefit 1. Our rates are ones of the most attractive among Ukraine’s largest banks.

PrivatBank is Ukraine’s largest and most reliable bank. Of course, there are banks offering higher rates, however among large steady banks our rates are ones of the most attractive.

Benefit 2. You can open a deposit account and manage your money online.

You can set up a deposit account by using Privat24 online bank or via My deposits mobile application.

Benefit 3. My deposits mobile application

For those depositors who are too busy to visit the bank or to open Privat24, PrivatBank has created My deposits mobile application. 

You can do almost everything by using it:
  • view conditions and PrivatBank recent deposit rates;
  • set up and refund deposit accounts;
  • view information about your deposits (balance, date of renewal, account activity etc.).
And all that can be done at any time that is convenient to you.


Benefit 4. Opportunity to refund your deposit account without visiting the bank.

Refund your deposit accounts at any time by using the mobile application, Privat24, PrivatBank self-service kiosks or by regular payment from any of your PrivatBank cards.

Benefit 5. You can get your interest monthly or add it to the deposit amount.

When opening a deposit account, you choose what will happen with your interest.

It may be wired to your card account on a monthly basis or added to the deposit amount which is called compounding interest and will increase your profit.

Note that only PrivatBank provides you with an opportunity to make all your deposit transactions and interest withdrawal at any branch.