Privat24 Internet Bank

Privat24 provides you with the round-the-clock access to your accounts

Via Privat24 you may:
- check your account balance
- top up your mobile phone account
- transfer funds
- pay utility bills and use many other services

Payment for utility services

You will be provided with the possibility to pay for all utilities, ranging from hot water payments up to payments for your Internet provider services. You can set up a standing order or direct debit for regular payments and forget about standing in queues.

Round-the-clock live chat support

Our support service will help you to resolve any issue or problem. On the top and at the bottom of each page you can see an icon to click which allows you to put ypour questions to the operator in a live chat session.

Privat24 is the most popular Ukrainian Internet Bank

Our services are used by more than one million people with the number of clients growing each day. We are constantly working on improving the service and expanding the number of our services.

What is the Privat24 Internet Bank?

This is a way of gaining 24/7 access to your accounts

Via Privat24 you can:

  • Manage your accounts. Using Privat24 you can always view the information regarding your accounts, loans and deposits, as well as to control your credit card limits and have access to statements for all accounts at all times of the day or night.

  • Easily perform any operation. User-friendly design and simple menu of options allow you to complete the most complex financial transactions in minutes. Money transfers, opening deposit and closing accounts – all these can be done at home without visiting the bank.

  • Use your smatphone. Use applications for iPhone and Android to manage your money on the move. All Privat24 functions in a mobile phone app – safe and easy! Using Privat24 is safe!

приват24 безопасность

Privat24 has a multi-level security system

  • Accessing Privat24 requires two passwords – a permanent one set by you, and a dynamic one-time password (OTP) for confirming transactions in the system. The dynamic password is generated anew each time and sent to your mobile phone in an SMS-message..
  • There are restrictions on the amount of transactions carried out during the day and during the month.
  • The system uses the SSL-protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), for encrypting the data transferred which provides secure connections between web-server and the client’s browser..
Transaction Rate
Payment at online stores connected to Privat24 from UAH 0.50
Transfer to another bank from UAH 0.50
SWIFT transfer 0.5% of the total amount (min. UAH 5.00) + USD 12.00
Transfer to the PrivatBank's card from UAH 0.00

Frequently asked questions

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