Regular payments

Save time and money, entrust PrivatBank employees with making payments for you!

From now on you do not need to visit the bank in order to perform recurring payments.

You just need to instruct the bank and the required amount will be deducted from your card on a monthly basis.

как работают регулярные платежи

How does this work?

You inform PrivatBank as to the beneficiary payment details, amounts and frequency of debits to set up a standing order and you may forget about queues for the teller forever.

Following that, the bank will regularly transfer money from your card to the account of the service provider company at the specified time intervals.

You can choose between two types of standing orders for regular payments service:

  • For loan repayment, mobile phone top-up or Internet access fee payment - the fixed amount standing order option is the most suitable. You determine the amount of your payment by yourself and it remains fixed during the entire period of time the service is used.
  • For utility payments, the option of direct debits for regular payment of bills received is perfect. In this case the specific variable amount your provider indicates to the Bank will be debited from your account.

What are the benefits to you?

  • You save time. From now on you do not need to go to the bank and stand in queues to pay for the services. PrivatBank employees will do it all for you!
  • You save money on fees. The fee for using the debit service for regular payments is less than the fee when making payments via the bank.
  • You will not forget anything! You do not run the risk of being cut off from public services, if you forget to make a payment on time. You just have to keep your account balance sufficient for debit repayment.
  • Notice of payment processed. After making a payment you receive an SMS-notification sent to your mobile phone.
  • Obtaining receipts. You can order a receipt at any PrivatBank branch or online by visiting - "Services"/"Receipts Service"/"Order a receipt".
дополнительные возможности регулярных платежей


  • from the cards for pay-outs
  • from Elite cards
Non-credit funds
To Universal/Universal Gold cards free of charge
To card for pay-outs 1% (of which 0.5% is charged from the beneficiary for no-purpose top-up of a card for pay-outs)
Deposits, including the "Moneybox" service Free of charge
To an account at PrivatBank (payments within Ukraine) 0.5% (max UAH 200.00)
Mobile phone account replenishment is free of charge
Payment of utilities bills free of charge

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