Access to comfortable lounge waiting rooms in over 540 international airports across the world.

LoungeKey is a perfect privilege for businessmen who travel often.

Flight delay, cancellation, tiresome waiting at transits – all this is too well-known for those businessmen who travel often. It is almost impossible to schedule or re-schedule a business meeting, contact your office or work with the papers as the terminals of so many airports are packed with travellers and tourists who keep using public phones when you have to make an urgent call.

You want to have a snack, but even this poses a problem when you have no local currency cash or see enormous lines of people wherever you go.

MasterCard World Elite or MasterCard Platinum card will give you a chance to leave noisy terminals behind the doors of comfortable lounges where you will find peace and a place to rest regardless of your flight class.

LoungeKey, a unique lounge access program, has been developed for those businessmen who have to travel often. This means that you will be able to take advantage of lounges participating in the program across the whole world, wherever you are, regardless of being a club member of any airline or your flight ticket class. You can even invite your guests or business partners to the lounge.

This is a more businesslike approach to whatever you need on your trip, isn’t it?

Let’s see what LoungeKey can give you…

  • Access to peaceful comfortable lounges of over 540 international airports across the world
  • Access to comfortable lounges on your every trip, even a short one, regardless of the flight class
  • A chance to relax, work with papers, have a snack or re-schedule your meetings in case of unforeseen delay or cancellation of your flight
  • Advantages of business services (Internet, WI-FI, phone, fax etc.) in a comfy and calm environment
  • Special privileges of business class lounges available to your guests
  • Avoid the necessity to purchase local currency

Businessmen who already have access to lounges – for instance, as customary members of flight programs provided by a specific airline – are inevitably restricted by visiting just the lounge in the airport of the main destination point of such airline. LoungeKey is an independent program for gaining access to airport lounges, ensuring top comfort lounges access in almost all your trips.

Terms of LoungeKey Services

  • MasterCard World Elite or MasterCard Platinum elite cards provide their owner with a right to visit lounges regardless of their ticket class.
  • The service is provided for a fee. Fee for lounge access shall be collected per head per visit. The price of all such visits, including guest visits, shall be charged to your elite MasterCard.


Name of fee Price
One visit per person USD 30

* Fees for LoungeKey program are established by the MasterCard payment system without additional approval of the issuing bank.

How to Get Information about Lounges Participating in the LoungeKey Program?

The list of services and terms of access to a lounge can be checked at www.loungekey.com/privatbank, see Facilities and Details. Just type the name of the country, city or airport in the search bar. You can get additional consulting and assistance at any time by calling a specialist from the PrivatBank Concierge Service at +38(092)900 00 02, +38 (056)716-12-12.