MoneyGram transfers

MoneyGram International, a leading money transfer company, offers worldwide money transfer services in more than 200 countries and territories through a global network of 350,000 agent locations, including retailers, international post offices and banks. MoneyGram also offers bill payment services, issues money orders and processes official checks in select markets.

MoneyGram money transfer – it’s fast, reliable and convenient. You can send or receive money in any country of the world, where MoneyGram is present, at any point of the network. Your money can be received just in minutes after they were sent.

PrivatBank’s money transfers can be sent or received using a card or cash.

You can make MoneyGram transfers in any branch of PrivatBank, via Privat24 (computer, smartphone), kiosks or by calling 3700. PrivatBank's ATMs available only for receive a money transfers.

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How to avoid fraud when making money transfers?

Always keep in mind that money transfer safety is in your hands, and we recommend that you observe the following rules:

- Do not disclose money transfer information to anyone except the beneficiary.

- Be careful when ordering transfer, make sure that no one can overhear/oversee the transfer information, as fraudsters can forge documents for receiving the transfer based on this information.

- Whenever possible, avoid sending money transfers to strangers.

- In case the customer has received a request from a stranger to provide a copy of the money transfer order or other information about the transaction, recommend to the client immediately ceasing communication with such person, as most likely it is a fraud attempt. MoneyGram money transfers should never be used as solvency proofs.

- Do not send money transfers, if receiving of funds is scheduled after a long period of time, for example, when planning a trip abroad. MoneyGram money transfer service allows receiving the transferred funds within 10 minutes.

- Ignore calls/emails/SMS-messages received allegedly from MoneyGram and stating the need of sending/receiving a money transfer. MoneyGram never gives calls or sends emails/SMS-messages to clients regarding sending/receiving money transfers.

- Ignore calls/emails/SMS-messages informing that you have won a lottery/a prize, for receiving which you should transfer a certain amount of funds with the purpose of the prize registration, payment of taxes, customs duties, etc.

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How does it work?

To send a money transfer:

Step 1. Contact the bank employee and produce your passport or PrivatBank card.

Step 2. Communicate the beneficiary's name, last name, country and the transfer amount.

Step 3. Submit the transfer amount and fee for sending to the teller.

Step 4. Find out the transfer control number from the bank employee.

Step 5. Communicate information on the transfer control number, amount, currency, your country, your name and last name to the beneficiary.

The transfer is available for pay-out immediately after control number assigning.

To receive a money transfer:

Step 1. Contact the bank employee and produce your passport or PrivatBank card for passing your identification.

Step 2. Communicate the transfer details: control number, sender's name and last name, country and the transfer amount.

Step 3. Receive the money to your card or at the teller.

Money transfer with PrivatBank is cost-effective

To send a money transfer, you do not need to have passport on you. Simply produce your PrivatBank card to our employee

Tariffs for sending MoneyGram money transfers

  • to near-abroad countries*
  • to distant foreign countries **
  • to Russia
  • to Hong Kong

Amount Fee
- in U.S. dollars:
USD 1.00–USD 100.00 USD 2.50
USD 100.01–USD 10,000.00 2.5% of the transfer amount
- in Euro:
EUR 1.00–EUR 100.00 EUR 2.50
Amount Fee
- in U.S. dollars:
USD 1.00–USD 100.00
USD 2.50
USD 100.01–USD 10,000.00
2.5% of the transfer amount
- in Euro:
EUR 1.00–EUR 50.00 EUR 7
EUR 50.01–EUR 100.00 EUR 9
EUR 100.01–EUR 200.00 EUR 13
EUR 200.01–EUR 300.00 EUR 18
EUR 300.01–EUR 400.00 EUR 24
EUR 400.01–EUR 500.00 EUR 29
EUR 500.01–EUR 700.00 EUR 32
EUR 700.01–EUR 1,000.00 39 EUR
EUR 1,000.01–EUR 1,500.00 EUR 53
EUR 1,500.01–EUR 1,750.00 EUR 66
EUR 1,750.01–EUR 2,000.00 EUR 76
EUR 2,000.01–EUR 2,500.00 EUR 89
EUR 2,500.01–EUR 3,000.00 EUR 99
EUR 3,000.01–EUR 3,500.00 EUR 120
EUR 3,500.01–EUR 4,000.00 EUR 140
EUR 4,000.01–EUR 4,500.00 EUR 160
EUR 4,500.01–EUR 5,000.00 EUR 180
EUR 5,000.01–EUR 5,500.00 EUR 195
EUR 5,500.01–EUR 6,000.00 EUR 215
EUR 6,000.01–EUR 6,500.00 EUR 235
EUR 6,500.01–EUR 7,000.00 EUR 235

* Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

**all countries except near-abroad countries, Russia and Hong Kong.

- Tariff for a transfer depends on the state to which the transfer is sent and the pay-out outlet.
- Service fee for express transfers is charged from the individual acting as the transfer sender.
- Service fee is charged at the time of the transaction, without VAT.
- No service fee is charged from the individual acting as the express transfer beneficiary
- Service fee for sending express transfers is charged in UAHat the NBU rate on the day of transfer sending.

MoneyGram round-the-clock customer support service

служба круглосуточной клиентской поддержки MoneyGram
0 800 503 273 (free of charge in Ukraine)