June 8th 2017

100,000th transport e-ticket bought in Lviv

Across Ukraine, more than 100,000 public transport passengers have used electronic QR-tickets introduced by the city authorities together with PrivatBank. As reported by the bank, today travel payment in trams and trolleybuses via smartphone works in eleven Ukrainian cities and the 100,000th ticket was purchased on a tram in Lviv.

"It is very symbolic that the 100,000th user of this simple and affordable travel payment mobile technology bought a ticket in Lviv, where this new technology for the country was launched in January,” - says Olexii Putiatin, PrivatBank Head of Payments and Transfers. - “Till the end of the year, residents of most Ukrainian cities will be able to use e-tickets for transport as the implementation of this technology does not require additional expenses from municipalities or transport companies."

To pay by QR code, you need to install the Privat24 mobile application on your smartphone and scan an image from stickers placed in the salon of a trolleybus or a tram. During the trip, the paid-up ticket needs to be "punched" on a smartphone and shown to a conductor or controller.

The fare does not depend on the distance, it can be one stop or the whole route. In the case of change of transport, you will have to buy a new ticket. Passengers pay only the ticket price without bank commission for using a QR-code.

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