June 5th 2018

PrivatBank has equipped ATMs with a system of protection from cyber hacking

PrivatBank introduced in its network of ATMs a fundamentally new security system that allows to ensure maximum protection of the ATM network from cyber hacking attempts by interfering with the operation of the ATM operating system. According to the Bank's Security Service, a new technological solution has been installed on more than 7,100 ATMs in PrivatBank.

"The system of total protection of PrivatBank ATMs from physical hacking made almost impossible unpunished access to finances by robbers," said Sergei Bolotin, Head of the PrivatBank Security Service. “A new system of protection against cyber hacking makes useless the attempts of extraneous influence on the operation of the computer system of the ATM.”

According to the data of the PrivatBank Security Service, the system of protection from cyber hacking allows both to determine and timely respond to attempts of extraneous connection to the internal ATM systems, and to block the operation of ATM while threatening to interfere with its operating system with the help of malicious computer programs.

PrivatBank Press Center

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