January 3rd 2017

PrivatBank opens accounts for entrepreneurs free of charge online

Private entrepreneurs can open a bank account free of charge directly on PrivatBank’s website. The whole process of opening a bank account online takes less than five minutes.

"More than a thousand Ukrainian businesspeople have already opened accounts on our website during the past week,” said Olexandr Nikolenko, PrivatBank Head of SME Servicing. “It is not only very convenient that an account can be opened in a few minutes without visiting the bank but it is also cost efficient because it can be opened online for free."

To open an account on PrivatBank’s website, you need to be registered as a private entrepreneur and a PrivatBank personal customer (for example, to have a card or a deposit) and receive a Digital signature in Privat24 for private customers.

Accounts are opened online mostly by IT-sector entrepreneurs, accountants, auditors, retail and wholesale trade entrepreneurs among many other professions. Businesspeople from Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Odessa regions lead by the number of accounts opened online.

According to banking market research conducted by GFK Ukraine, accounts and other services of PrivatBank are used by 56.1% of Ukrainian legal entities and 69.7% of private entrepreneurs.

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