December 28th 2010

The Banker: PrivatBank is the best Ukrainian bank 2010

PrivatBank was recognised to be the best bank in the 'Bank of the Year in Ukraine' nomination according to The Banker, the prominent financial magazine.

This status was given after an assessment of the Bank's core banking features. In its publication The Banker noted that PrivatBank, despite the crisis in 2009, has kept a vital balance – being locally owned but large enough to maintain sources of funding. 

"The number 1 goal for us is to offer each client services that are based on best international practices of banking servicing. That is why the recognition of our leadership in Ukraine by such an authoritative publication like The Banker is a significant event", - said the Chairman of Privatbank, Olexandr Dubilet. - "We've never pursued the goal to get a lot of awards and titles to decorate the office, but the confirmation of our success by the world experts is an indicator that we develop for our customers in the right way." The award ceremony was held at The Inter-Continental Hotel in Park Lane (London, UK).

The Bank of the Year Awards' annual ceremony is considered to be the one of the key events in the world of finance. This year the ceremony was visited by the heads of major banks from 149 countries. Since The Banker’s estimation is the authority for financial experts, representatives of the biggest banks in the world compete to take the first place in the ranking. 

The Banker is an English monthly published specialized magazine devoted to international finance. Publishing house is owned by The Financial Times Ltd. The Banker magazine annually awards the best financial institutions in the world.

The Banker’s rating is the worldwide recognised index of global banking institutions. It is to be recalled that in the international ranking of Innovation in Banking Technology Awards 2010, conducted by The Banker magazine, the best Innovation in Cash and Treasury Technology, earlier, in June 2010 became Liqpay, an electronic delivery system developed by PrivatBank. This technology is now deployed at all branches of the Bank under the "No Coins" brand. Furthermore, PrivatBank was acknowledged as the best bank in trading industry of Ukraine last month, and confirmed the status of the absolute leader of Ukrainian banking by the level of customers’ confidence within international project The World’s Most Reputable Companies.

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