Privat24 for business

Round-the-clock access to the company accountNo days-off, holidays or breaks! Carry out any financial transactions via the Internet from anywhere in the world.M
- Settlements with suppliers.
- Income and expense monitoring.
- Detailed account statements.
- Payment of salaries and placing of deposits.
- Term loans and money transfers.

Connecting to Privat24 is simple!

Just create an account on the website and then enter online chat.

Get acquainted with Privat24 right now using pb as login and privatbank as password. 

Test it!

Round the clock live chat support

Our support service will help you resolve any issue or problem. On top of each page you will see an icon, clicking which you can ask your question to the operator in live chat.

Privat24 is the most popular Internet Bank of Ukraine

Our services are used by more than one million people. The number of customers keeps increasing daily. We are continually working to improve service quality and increase the number of services.

Internet banking for PrivatBank Cyprus clients

For entering Privat24 Cyprus you should partake the access via

This service allows both individual and corporate customer to perform a range of online operations on:

  • monitoring one's accounts
  • performing various payments on 24/7 mode without visiting bank
  • settling convenient personal options reagarding online informing, regular payments etc.


  • "PhotoKassa" mobile application

    Using this application you will be able to pay bills, invoices and taxes quickly and easily! Just take a photo of the bill and select the account to use for payment. PrivatBank will take care of the rest including sending a copy of the bill paid to your e-mail, if necessary!

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    You can sign payment orders generated by your accountant or authorised person in Privat24 by sending SMS-message from your mobile phone! SMS-signature is an electronic signature of the customer and can be used along withPrivat24 digital signature.You can sign payment orders even while in the roaming! Just send SMS-message to number 3700 or +380675231375. The service is provided free of charge *.

    * SMS-message cost – according to your mobile operator tariffs.

    Log in through QR-code

    rivatBank customers spend less than 10 seconds for logging in to Privat24 Internet banking system! The QR-code technology is used to accelerate authorization procedure: the user just needs to bring mobile phone to computer screen! The login procedure security is ensured by requesting static password provided in Privat24 Business mobile application and automatic session termination in case of detecting inactivity. To scan the QR-code on Privat24 Business page, run the mobile application, go to “Contactless” menu item, press "Scan" and point the camera at the QR-code.

    qr код

    доступ в приват24 из отделений банка

    Client WorkplacePrivat24

    Corporate clients are granted an opportunity to use the "Customer Workplace” service. The number of branches providing the service is over 1,000.

    Virtually in any part of Ukraine you have the opportunity to quickly check balance of accounts, transfer funds from one corporate card to another, prepare and send payments, and so on.

    You can be confident of "Privat24" reliability

    • Accessing Privat24 requires two passwords – a permanent one set by you personally, and a dynamic one for confirming transactions in the system. Dynamic password is generated every time anew and sent to the registered mobile phone in an SMS-message.

    • All the transmitted information is signed by the customer’s electronic digital signature (EDS).The EDS serves as confirmation of authenticity, integrity and authorship of an electronic document. The system uses exactly this signature to authenticate the user and to permit the necessary transaction.

    • User keys can be stored on any suitable media such as a flash drive, a disk, or a memory card.

    • Access to the keys is protected by the storage device password as well as by the password to the keys themselves.

    • All directories and prepared documents are stored on the bank server, whereby their safety is ensured.

    • For encrypting the data transferred, the system uses the SSL-protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), which provides secure connections between web-server and the customer’s browser.

    Privat24 can be accessed using all operating systems and the most common web-browsers.


    Internet bank Privat24

    Privat24 accessibility for corporate customers
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    Operation terms

    Open an account requests are processed on a 24/7 basis
    Make a payment Requests are processed on a 24/7 basis:
    • Local payments are effected on a 24/7 basis;
    • Foreign payments are effected from 8 a.m. up to 6 p.m. (NBU Electronic Payment System operating hours).
    Confirm credit limit fixing Requests are processed on a round-the-clock basis
    Suspend or resume credit limit applicability. Requests are processed on a round-the-clock basis
    Online, on a 24/7 basis Apply for a loan secured by deposit Online, on a 24/7 basis
    Apply for a loan secured by deposit Request acceptance and deal preparation – on a 24/7 basis. Telephone communication with the customer – from 8:30 to 20:30 (from 9:30 on weekends).
    Make a payment by Fuel cards (between cards/card to warehouse/warehouse to card) Payments are effected instantaneously on a round-the-clock basis
    Make a payment by Corporate cards (between cards) Requests are processed on a round-the-clock basis
    Change limit for Internet payments by Corporate cards Requests are processed on a round-the-clock basis
    Change limit for debit transactions by Corporate cards Requests are processed on a round-the-clock basis


    Privat24 payments
    Cost of connection Free of charge
    Cost of service (in case of customer transactions on account) Included in the monthly account maintenance fee (UAH 50.00 per month)*
    Transfer to an account with another bank UAH 2.00
    An interbank payment in post-operation time after 16:30 - 0.2% of the amount
    Post-operation time from 16:30
    Cost of account statements Free of charge
    Opening an additional account * Free of charge

    * provided no customer transactions were carried out on the account, maintenance fee is not charged