Financial statements

PrivatBank compiles its financial statements in strict accordance with:
- international standards,
- regulatory and legal acts issued by the National Bank of Ukraine.

The purpose of the Bank’s financial statements is to provide a wide range of users with accurate and unbiased information on assets, liabilities, equity, cash flows, income and expenses (including profits and losses) and other data.

  • International Audit
  • Reports

The choice of audit company for bank’s financial audit according to the IFRS is made on the annual basis. Bank’s specialists have a fundamental analysis of the audit conditions, of the "Big Four" companies. The results of the analysis along with management proposals are presented to the Bank’s Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board takes a decision that becomes the basis for audit contract for the following year.

Since 2016 the Bank’s international auditor is Ernst&Young.

Ernst&Young is the world leading professional services supplier, and is one of the companies of the "Big Four".

On an ad hoc basis, PrivatBank also cooperates with Ernst&Young on a limited range of advisory services.

Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2013

Item name Sum
Funds with the NBU 5,422,818,820.69
Cash funds available 7 300,904,890.92
Funds in nostro accounts 22,520,968,252.46
Interbank loans 3,451,085,732.74
Overdraft loans to legal entities 1,641,075,795.92
Mortgage loans to legal entities 1,209,310,934.56
Loans to legal entities 120,214,223,807.78
Financial leasing to individuals 469,834,275.91
Card loans to individuals 22,390,314,116.88
Mortgage loans to individuals 2,042,537,338.54
Кредити фізичним особам 3 557 162 326.33
Loans to individuals 5,064,075,273.07
Accrued revenues 1,769,398,245.69
Fixed assets of the bank 2,749,545,787.26
Receivables 365,276,392.94
Provisions for loans -23,539,003,774.73
Total Assets: 176,629,528,216.96
Funds in vostro accounts 1.325.774.912.13
Interbank deposits 4,064,529,407.60
Loans from the National Bank 3,472,210,000.00
Loans of financial institutions 3,236,533,553.00
Current accounts of legal entities 13.531.681.643.32
Budgetary funds 33,859,498.29
Deposits of legal entities 7,703,626,421.62
Current accounts of individuals 17,945,392,943.68
Deposits of individuals 86,477,460,713.02
Securities settlements 7,956,356,298.96
Accrued expenses 1,406,041,837.81
Payables 9,303,264,976.86
Total Liabilities: 156,456,732,206.29
Authorized capital of the Bank 16,352,079,225.00
Bank reserves 1,914,589,936.63
Results of prior years 43,593,228.59
Current year result 1,862,533,620.45
Total capital: 20,172,796,010.67

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