PrivatBank self-service kiosks

Due to self-service kiosks you can by yourself use a range of banking services.


The map of all kiosks in your smartphone!

If you are using a smartphone, make sure to install the PrivatMap application


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A self-service kiosk offers you the following options::

- performing majority of banking operations
- replenishing any PrivatBank card 
- loan repayment
- your mobile accounts' replenishment
- payment of bills for Internet access, phone, TV
- utility payments
- payment of road police fines
- money transfers

Self-service kiosks accept payments both in cash and by means of plastic cards. Efficiency and convenience of the self-service kiosks are confirmed by a constantly growing number of users. You can easily determine how to make the necessary transaction yourself using the kiosk’s touch screen. Even in case you get confused by the menu and features of the device, you can always receive assistance from a specialist in the Bank's branch where the terminal is located.