Purchase of agricultural machinery under financial leasing terms from PrivatBank

The opportunity of purchasing the best equipment at a starting rate of 1% per annum. 

1. Adjustable repayment schedule taking into account the seasonality of business.
2. You need not withdraw 100% of the purchase price. You can pay for the machinery in instalments while benefitting from using it.
3. You save on tax payments due to depreciation, VAT tax credit and cost increases by the amount of interest and fees.
4. Sale of agricultural machinery under leasing terms from PrivatBank guarantees timely fulfilment of obligations by the supplier
5. The Bank protects your property. The leased assets are not subject to seizure or foreclosure.
6. No extra collateral is required for raising the funds.

Leasing terms of PrivatBank for agricultural machinery manufactured in CIS countries

        For 12 months
For 24 months
1% per annum
12% per annum
One-off fee
1% of the machinery cost

Minimum cost of machinery
UAH 100,000 

3.1% of the machinery cost per annum

Minimum advance payment
30% of the machinery cost

* the supply package may include attachable agricultural equipment with cost thereof not exceeding 20% of the total sales cost of the leased property

Our partners

Sale of agricultural machinery in Ukraine by leading manufacturers in the CIS countries:

  • Tekhnotorg GROUP of Companies
  • Ukravtozapchast LLC
  • Agroresource Company
  • Torgovy Dom LLC
  • Kharkiv Tractor Plant JSC

Leasing terms of PrivatBank for imported agricultural machinery

        1 year
2-5 years
from 0.1% per annum
12% per annum
Minimum advance payment


Advance payment

Rate of 12% per annum

Our partners

Sale of imported agricultural machinery in Ukraine:

  • NovoFarm LLC with FI
  • PrivatLeasing LLC