Regular payments for business

Use the regular payments service to automate settlements and plan future payments – this allows you to save time

"Regular Payments" or "standing orders" is an automatic bill payment service. You just need to instruct the bank once to set up a standing order for fixed sums and every month thereafter the required amount for payment of services will be debited from your company account on the specified day for effecting the same recurring payments such as:

  • taxes and fees;
  • mobile communication services, Internet provider services etc.;
  • rental fee;
  • utilities; any other services with a fixed amount;
  • any unused amounts are transferred back to the main account;
  • repayment of loans granted by any bank;
  • deposit of funds.

More than 10,000 of our customers already use the regular payments service.

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What are the benefits of setting up the service?

1. Save time
You do not need to visit the bank branch, use ATMs or have access to the Internet every time. Do not be distracted from your business – let PrivatBank take care of paying the bills.

2. Convenient
You plan your expenses in advance.

3. Simple
The service is simply set up: just contact your financial manager and specify the required data (payment amount and date, beneficiary details) or customise your regular payment standing orders in Privat24 yourself.

4. Reliable
Your payments are made on time and in full. You receive an SMS-message on debiting of funds from the account and can check the account statement through Privat24 at any time.

How does it work?

You specify the following:

  • Regular payment date and time (for example, on the10th day of each month at 11: 00 a.m.).

  • Beneficiary details to be used for transferring funds. In the event of changes in payment details, you must inform the bank three days in advance before the standing order execution.

  • Payment amount.

  • Payment purpose.

  • Payment period – the frequency and repetition of standing orders.


Processing a standing order
- to an account in PrivatBank:
free of charge

- to another bank account:
UAH 3.00 per payment

NB! The Bank automatically debits the specified amount at the specified time from your company account. Thus, you must maintain sufficient funds in your account to cover the standing order payments and fees.