Rent of safe deposit boxes

Your personal safe deposit box in the safest bank of Ukraine. Keep securities, documents, jewelry, cash and other valuables in the bank safe.

Safe deposit boxes

Rent safe deposit boxes for the period of your absence or for permanent storage of valuable things – this allows avoiding theft and enables you to personally supervise the list of persons having access to them.

Installing a home safe can not guarantee safety of items to be stored there. In addition, installing a reliable safe in an apartment or a house requires substantial redevelopment of premises and significant expenses. Private safes are not protected against burglary or theft, while fire or extreme weather events can permanently destroy the valuables kept inside the safe.

Reliability of safe deposit boxes

PrivatBank provides its clients with highly secure safe deposit boxes: each depositary complies with the requirements to the technical state and guarding of bank premises.

Safes have two locks and can be opened just while simultaneously turning two keys, one of which is kept by the client and the second one is held by the banker. The two-key system guarantees safety of your property in case your key from the safe deposit box is stolen.

Usability of safe deposit boxes

You can choose the most appropriate safe deposit box size, specify the exact period of rent and grant access to the safe deposit box to any trustee.

The bank also offers conclusion of a tripartite agreement of rent – in this case, you can access the safe deposit box only if accompanied by your partner. PrivatBank ensures the privacy of client information and all operations.

Rates and reservation

The cost of renting a safe deposit box depends on the rent term, as well as on the safe deposit box size. Renting a safe deposit box for storage of documents costs an average of UAH3.00 per day.