Retail takings. Cash collection

Retail takings can be handed over to PrivatBank at any time and the money is credited instantly to the company account!

Tips for clients

Have your retail takings credited to the account in 10 minutes

When crediting retail takings through self-service kiosks or during cash collection the money is transferred to your company's account in a few minutes. For example, retail takings of your store in Chernihiv can be transferred to Odesa branch in 10 minutes

Reduce the risk of cash robbery in stores

PrivatBank will help you solve the problem of cash transportation and storage. The money is sent to the account of your company as soon as it is inserted into a self-service kiosk or transferred to the bank cashiers or collectors, so you do not need to worry about money logistics and security any longer – the full responsibility for the cash is taken by the bank.

Save on retail takings transfer fee

It will be convenient for companies with a large number of retail outlets across the country to collect retail takings without any fee using self-service kiosks. Companies with one or two outlets and a large sum of daily takings may hand money over at a PrivatBank branch with no fee charged.

Over 80,000 companies hand over takings or use the cash collection service provided by PrivatBank.

Methods of depositing retail takings with PrivatBankcash:

перечисление торговой выручки и инкассация

Due to the innovative "Online Cash Collection" technology PrivatBank was ranked first in the Innovation in Banking Technology Awards rating by The Banker magazine.

Cash collection

Use the "Online Cash Collection" service for instant crediting of retail takings to your bank account. A unique service from PrivatBank due to which you can use your money already in 10 minutes after cash collection at a sales outlet.

PrivatBank cash collection benefits

  • money credited to your account immediately after the transfer of cash to the collector;
  • collection is a single contract for all service outlets;
  • collection held at any time, holidays and weekends, as well as at night.

How does it work?

  1. The cashier draws up the accompanying statement for the collector. With POS-terminal data structure cash  is transferred to the bank in packs sorted by denomination.
  2. The collector signs the counterfoil to confirm acceptance of money for transportation and printed receipt, which lists the bags sorted by denomination..
  3. The cashier signs the receipt, stating the source of the money, total amount, and the account number to be credited..

To connect to the service, you must

  • Conclude a collection contract;
  • Connect to the service "Acquiring";
  • Have an active current  account in Privatbank.

Self-service kiosks


PrivatBank self-service kiosks are installed at shopping malls, in the streets, in stores, while being incorporated in the wide network of bank servicing. You can easily hand over the retail takings using any of the kiosks located nearby. Regardless of where the company has opened an account, employees of your branches can hand over retail takings in all cities and towns nationwide. The money will be available for your use within 10 minutes.


Depositing retail takings at self-service terminals – UAH 0.00 on a 24/7 basis without additional conditions.

Deposit retail receipts at PrivatBank branches


PrivatBank has the widest service network in Ukraine and you can always deposit retail receipts without waiting in queue at PrivatBank branches throughout the country (regardless of the city in which you have opened your account). The Bank will be sending SMS-messages indicating the sum and time of funds credited to your personal mobile phone – even if the retail takings are deposited by your authorised person. You can control the inflow of retail takings to the company account from multiple locations or even from different regions of Ukraine.

If there is a queue to the teller's counter at the bank branch, you can turn to the branch manager and he or she will serve you personally or instruct another staff member to do so. If you are an entrepreneur working on a single tax basis, you can credit the retail takings either to account 2600 or to your "Privat-deposit" current account, or to your "Payment card" account.


Depositing retail takings at PrivatBank branches – UAH 0.00 subject to complying with the following conditions:

  • Retail takings are deposited either by the entrepreneur (to personal account), or by the director/accountant of the organisation;
  • No more than three (3) authorised persons are registered by the bank for depositing retail takings;
  • The company is served at this branch under the "Salary project" and has more than 25 salary cards.

In other cases, the fee for depositing retail takings at a branch amounts to 0.1% of the total sum (but not less than UAH 10).

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