Safety measures when using the bank card

PrivatBank guarantees protection of your funds, but you are also responsible for taking care about the safety of your money. We have developed 12 simple rules that will help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Please read them carefully.

Frequently asked questions

  • Rule 1. Keep your Privat24 PIN code, login and password in a secure place protected from other people and never divulge them to others.
  • Rule 2. Never ask strangers to help you use your plastic card.
  • Rule 3. Take precautions using Privat24
  • Rule 4. Ensure safety of saving and using of digital signature secret keys (for business).
  • Rule 5. Never give any information about your cards to the third parties, even if they address to you on behalf of the bank.
  • Rule 6. When paying for online purchases, be cautious and never disclose your personal information.
  • Rule 7. Always maintain contact with PrivatBank.
  • Rule 8. Use reliable passwords and do not pass them to anyone.
  • Rule 9. Always stay in contact with PrivatBank.
  • Rule 10. Examine the ATM carefully before using it.
  • Rule 11. Avoid Internet deals with people who use fraudulent tricks.
  • Rule 12. Be careful! Attacks of e-mail accounts and messengers are becoming more and more frequent.
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The Bank's Anti-Fraud policy

PrivatBank actively fights against fraud by encouraging employees to report fraud. The PrivatBank supports its clients in and out the bank. We maintain a policy of zero tolerance for fraud and use the entire arsenal of measures to prevent the theft of money from our clients. You can also help us by reporting the fraud.

Hot Line Anti-Fraud

If you have any information about the fraud committed by the employee of the bank, please fill out this form. This will help to save client’s money. The bank guarantees you confidentiality. Reward – up to UAH 5,000.

If you have a problem sending a message via this form, use these channels:

  • send an email to;
  • call +38 (056) 716 52 52+38 (056) 716 52 52  (24/7 answer phone) or use our Skype contact fraudline;
  • send text message* to the number +38 (092) 306 65 40+38 (092) 306 65 40  for feedback..
    * The cost of text message according to your mobile operator.

In all matters involving fraud of clients and third-party (not employees of the bank), you can refer to the nearest branch. We will consider your application as soon as possible and will inform you about the measures taken.

Do you suspect some PrivatBank employee in his/her fraud towards clients or the Bank?


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Search for IT-security vulnerabilities

Even the highest level of security does not mean invulnerability!

If you know of any "weak spots" in our banking systems or any web resources of PrivatBank please inform us and get a reward of up to UAH 10,000 in case of confirmation and elimination the vulnerability by Bank's specialists.

If you have a problem with sending a message using this form, please send an email to

You’ll receive a response informing  you that we received the email, and we’ll follow up with you in 7 business days.


Present the detailed description if the vulnerabilities, the sequence of actions to disclose them:


I agree with Terms and rules


Please help PrivatBank to identify citizens who received a bank loan using fake passport.

We've created a page with photographs of wanted persons. Please look through it . If you know someone at the pictures and information about their last, first and middle names and  location please notify the bank. We will pay you a reward of up to UAH 5,000 
if reported information will be confirmed..

Anonymity is guaranteed.

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