Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories

The Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories can assist you in obtaining preliminary information about your partners in Ukraine.

кредитная история
проверка кредитной истории

Advantages of co-operation with the Bureau are:

  • reliability and relevance of information;
  • online services;
  • no contract and lengthy registration.

The information provided by the Bureau includes:

  • the registration data of the legal entity,
  • contacts,
  • data about their senior managers and founders,
  • all relevant facts about the company or the entrepreneur.

We suggest you to use these popular services of the Bureau to check your partner:

The public profile of the company will provide you with consolidated and relevant information about the company in Ukraine you are interested in from public registries and public sources.

услуга статус контроль

Service "Status Kontragenta" will elucidate whether the company is operating, liquidated or a bankrupt.

This data can help you to reduce your business risks!

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You can get a Public dossier and access to StatusKontragenta via our online services.

Sample Report: public dossier.