Universal card

- Simple and fast issuing
- 10% per annum on your own assets balance

What is a Universal card?

The "Universal" card is a PrivatBank plastic payment card.

Using this card you can send and receive money from your relatives, friends or partners.

You can use a "Universal" card for payments at retail outlets, online payments and at self-service terminals, as well as withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

In case of abroad payments the fee for converting funds in the card currency into that of the country visited is charged according to the official exchange rate of the bank as per the day of purchase.

You will be served at any branch!

PrivatBank has the largest branch network among commercial banks of Ukraine.

In case of any questions on the "Universal" card you can address any branch and not only the one where the card was issued!

Any branch employees will be happy to assist you!

Easy and free-of-charge registration

The card registration procedure will take you only 15 minutes!

To obtain a card, you just need to produce your passport and fill out a questionnaire.

The card is not embossed, therefore the bank employee will take a photograph of you and your card for security reasons.

  • 10% per annum on your own funds balance in the "Universal" card account.
  • Using a "Universal" card account you can keep your own funds and earn extra income in the amount of 10% per annum on your own funds balance if exceeding UAH 100.00 (the money is credited to your bonus account).
  • To this end, you need to activate the card deposit function using "Privat24" or an ATM.