Privat24 – the entire PrivatBank in your smartphone.


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  • QR code to download
  • Get a link via SMS
  • Check the card balance in real time.
  • Top up your mobile phone, transfer money to friends and family.
  • Buy tickets for transport.
  • Operates with the cards of any bank in Ukraine. Very simple!




Payment of utility services

Payment of utility services
  • Search for or create payment templates.
  • Monitor your debt.
  • Pay at home, at work and even in transport without queues and time wasting.

Discount cards

Discount cards

Connect your discount cards of any store and get rid of a large amount of plastic in your wallet! Scan the barcode from your smartphone screen right at the checkout in the store.

Buying tickets

Buying tickets

In the mobile application, tickets for the train, bus and plane in all directions are available. Choose a route, seat, extra services, pay directly with the card, save the QR-code of the ticket, which can be presented on the smartphone screen when boarding. Now you do not need to print the ticket!

Replenishing online accounts

Replenishing online accounts

Pay for World of Tanks, Steam, Warface, My Land and hundreds of other games.

Transactions with cards and accounts

Transactions with cards and accounts

You also have access to all the usual services with your cards and accounts:

  • top-ups;
  • transfers between your cards and to the cards of other banks;
  • regular payments;
  • money transfers and much more ...

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi in places to work with Privat24?

Absolutely! The application encrypts the data transmitted to the bank and received from the bank servers. Your accounts and money on them are always safe.

What will happen if my phone with installed Privat24 is stolen?

Even after stealing your phone, the criminal will not be able to steal your money - it is required to enter a password from Privat24 to log in to the application. If you have recently launched the application, then in case of closure or inactivity on your part it will automatically log out of your account and ask again for the password.
Remember: you must inform PrivatBank employees about the loss of your phone! You can do this by calling 3700. Since your number is used for banking operations, we will temporarily disable the receipt of orders from it. As soon as you restore your number, inform the bank about it.

Can I use the app if I'm not registered with Privat24?

Yes! You can use any credit card to top up a mobile account by specifying the number yourself or selecting it from the phone book. The basic SMS-banking commands are also available before entering the login and password. You can see all the functions of the app by clicking "Demo" on the login screen. You need to register to manage your accounts.

How do I register in Privat24?

You can register on the website or directly through the application by clicking «Registration» on the home screen.

Can I use the app to contact the bank employee?

Yes! There are four ways to do this:
- by writing to the chat;
- by sending a letter to the bank;
- by calling via Skype;
- by regular phone call.
And all of this in a click!