Free money transfers from Poland to Ukraine

Send SWIFT transfers without commissions through new partner Alior Bank

Alior Bank

Alior Bank

is a Polish National Bank. It combines the principles of traditional banking with innovative solutions. It has branches in 470 cities and provides convenient access to a wide range of banking services.

For senders — How to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine?


Step 1

Sign up with Alior Bank Currency Exchanger.
Visit a branch for this purpose.


Step 2

Buy USD or EUR using PLN in the exchanger via the mobile application or website. Conversion at Alior Bank exchange rate.


Step 3

Transfer money to the card or current account of PrivatBank client in Ukraine in the international SHA transfers option.


Sending SWIFT transfer to Alior Bank

Currency Channel Tariff
EUR Alior Bank Currency Exchanger (mobile app or website) 0 zł
USD 0 zł (*commission of the correspondent bank is 3 USD regardless of the amount)

Receiving SWIFT transfer in PrivatBank


To the card for enrollments:

  • card in UAH – the fee is not charged;
  • foreign currency card – the fee is 1% from the transferred sum.

To the "Universal"card and current account of an individual, to Premium Cards:

  • card in UAH – the fee is not charged;
  • foreign currency card – the fee is not charged.

To the Internet card:

  • card in UAH – the fee is not charged;
  • foreign currency card – the fee is 1% from the transferred sum.
Cash withdrawal (UAH)

from personal funds on Universal card - 1% of the withdrawal amount.

from the current account of an individual:

  • national currency: 1% of the withdrawal amount min 5 hryvnias;
  • foreign currency: 1% of the withdrawal amount min eq. 1 unit of currency in hryvnia at the NBU exchange rate.

from Card for Pay-Outs - no fee;

from credit funds on Universal card - according to the card's tariff.

What is the best way to transfer money? Download application

What is the best way to transfer money? Download application

Easy currency exchange online or by smartphone

For recipients

For recipients
  1. Inform the sender of the details of your card/account to which the money will be credited. You can get them:
    • in Privat24 (”All services”/”Info”/"My details")
    • in mobile app Privat24 (“More services”/Details/by SWIFT payment”)
    • via self-service terminal (My Settings/Get Details);
    • by phone: +38 092 900 00 04
  2. The money transfer will be automatically credited to your card/account.

In case of queries

In case of queries

Frequently asked questions

Why is it advantageous to use currency exchange from Alior Bank?

  1. Currency exchange at favourable tariffs.
  2. If you buy and transfer USD or EUR instead of UAH in Ukraine, you can save up to 35 % of the exchange cost.
  3. Operations are easy to carry out online. You can choose a convenient time to buy currency at the most favourable conditions.
  4. Your funds are always safe! Storage in a safe bank and provision of a guarantee of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.
  5. Funds you exchange in the Currency Exchanger can be transferred to any account in the country or abroad for free!
  6. Cash withdrawals at Alior Bank branches throughout Poland.

How to sign up with the Currency Exchanger?

  1. Ensure that you have passport and other document certifying legal residence in Poland (e.g.: visa or temporary stay card).
  2. Visit the Alior Bank branch and sign up.
  3. Go to the web-site and sign up online by submitting your details.
  4. Exchange currency and send money to Ukraine via the website or mobile application.

How to exchange currency?

  1. Open a free account in the Currency Exchanger
  2. Deposit funds into an account in the Currency Exchanger via transfer
  3. Buy currency online in Currency Exchanger (via web-site or application)
  4. Get cash in the branch, transfer to the account or make payments using the card

How much Currency Exchanger use costs?

Access to the Currency Exchanger service is free.

Tariffs for money transfer from Poland to Ukraine?

The tariff for sending money in EUR is 0 zł

The tariff for sending transfer in USD is 0 zł, but correspondent bank commission is charged in the amount of 3 USD regardless to the transfer amount.

Tariffs for receiving transfer to PrivatBank card

According to the tariffs applied for the respective card/account


  • To Universal Card and current account of an individual — no commission
  • To Card for Payments — 0.5 % of the amount credited

cash withdrawal

  • From Universal Card and current account of an individual — 1 % of the withdrawal amount
  • From Card for Payments — no commission

If I have cash in EUR or USD, will the transfer be sent at 0 %?

No. Such transfer will be carried out as per usual Alior Bank tariff.

Sending money transfer without commission is available on condition that you buy currency (EUR or USD) in Alior Bank Currency Exchanger.

What language will Alior Bank customers be serviced in?

Customers will be serviced, both by phone and during a visit to the branch, in Polish or English.