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Any business operations – 24/7.

Privat24 for Business mobile app

Privat24 for Business mobile app

All financial transactions in your smartphone!

With the Privat24 for Business app for Android and iOS, you can:

  • view your account balances and statements;
  • send payments (including guaranteed ones);
  • create payments in a couple of clicks from incoming invoices - electronic document management invoices;
  • carry out currency exchange operations;
  • open deposits;
  • apply for loans;
  • check the limits for the enterprise;
  • learn the latest news for business and more.

SmartID signature

SmartID signature

This is a qualified electronic signature that allows you to send and sign payments using your mobile phone without using flash drives to store keys and plugins.

How do I create the SmartID?

  1. Press the Setup button In Privat24 for Business (mobile version).
  2. Select the company for which you want to generate a SmartID signature from the SmartID list.
  3. Enter your SmartID password in English using letters and numbers (8 characters minimum). The key is created!

How to sign a SmartID payment in the Privat24 for Business mobile application?

Create a payment or go to the previously created payment. Press Sign, select SmartID from the list.

Single mobile app for individuals and entrepreneurs

Single mobile app for individuals and entrepreneurs

You can:

  • make payments from the entrepreneur's accounts to your bank card in the Privat24 menu: For Business → Transfer to yourself;
  • sign payments using the individual's SmartID;
  • view entrepreneur's account statements;
  • share your bank statements.

In the nearest future, we will add the options to operate deposits, currency and much more (all of which are already available in the Privat24 for Business app).

You can be confident of "Privat24" reliability

You can be confident of "Privat24" reliability
  • Accessing Privat24 requires two passwords – a permanent one set by you personally, and a dynamic one for confirming transactions in the system. Dynamic password is generated every time anew and sent to the registered mobile phone in an SMS-message.
  • All the transmitted information is signed by the customer’s electronic digital signature (EDS).The EDS serves as confirmation of authenticity, integrity and authorship of an electronic document. The system uses exactly this signature to authenticate the user and to permit the necessary transaction.
  • User keys can be stored on any suitable media such as a flash drive, a disk, or a memory card.
  • Access to the keys is protected by the storage device password as well as by the password to the keys themselves.
  • All directories and prepared documents are stored on the bank server, whereby their safety is ensured.
  • For encrypting the data transferred, the system uses the SSL-protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), which provides secure connections between web-server and the customer’s browser.

Privat24 can be accessed using all operating systems and the most common web-browsers.