Information for clients

Information for clients
How does PrivatBank work when quarantine is in Ukraine?

Will the branches work during quarantine?

Due to the introduction of the quarantine regime in all the branches, there will be an hour break during the day for airing and additional cleaning. The branches will also not work on weekends. We would like to inform you that during the quarantine period the support line will work in the standard mode, so you can do most of the operations yourself through the voice menu or Privat24.

I bought tickets in advance, but I won't go because of the quarantine. How can I return them?

If you bought an online ticket for an Ukrzaliznytsya train, it is easy to return tickets through Privat24, which eliminates the need to go to the branch. To return tickets, you need to find the “Archive - Tickets” tab in Privat24 web version and select the Return command. You can also submit travel documents on the bank's website.

Bus and airline tickets are refunded in a similar manner. The main condition for the return of the tickets for all modes of transport is that the date of the departure must not have expired.

You can also activate PrivatBank’s Guaranteed Return service. This is a paid service, it costs approximately 11% of the price of the travel document. After returning the train tickets through this service, the client will receive their money back within 3 banking days. During the quarantine period, returning tickets online is not only fast and convenient but also safe.

Can I withdraw money or make other transactions at self-service terminals and ATMs?

You can withdraw cash from your cards according to ATM limits, as well as conduct transactions in self-service terminals. We would like to remind you that the withdrawal limit is 20,000 UAH for three hours. There are no additional quarantine restrictions on any hryvnia operations.

Is a monthly minimum credit card payment required during the quarantine period?

Yes, definitely. The implementation of quarantine, as well as other measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus disease in Ukraine does not relieve the client of the obligation to service the credit in according to the terms of the contract.

If the client does not make an obligatory payment, this is considered a violation of contractual obligations

The credit will be considered overdue, but the bank will not make additional charges for the delay until 31.05.2020.

Will it be indicated somewhere if the bank branches will not work due to quarantine?

Departments will indicate any changes to the working schedule. You can check the current schedule on the bank's main site in the "Branch" section. We would like to remind you that the offices will have an hour break for airing and additional cleaning.

If I order cash, will I be surely able to get the money?

Please note, that as of April, 02 currency cash withdrawal at the bank`s cash desk is performed without limitations. You can order the currency in any convenient way with the help of Privat24 app or right now by phone number 3700. The order of currency is available for any operation (redemption of deposit, express transfer or withdrawal of funds from your accounts, etc.). Also, there are no limitations for buying currency from customers at the bank`s cash desks. Currency selling is temporarily performed only via remote channels (Privat24 and self-service terminals).

How do I know if a particular department is working and is it working at all?

Departments will indicate any changes to the working schedule. You can check the current schedule on the bank's website in the "Branch" section. We would like to remind you that the offices will have an hour break for airing and additional cleaning.

How to pay credit due to the pandemic?

Our bank is currently addressing this issue and is developing a scheme to enforce the cancellation of fines and penalties for late payment on loans. The bank will notify you when such a decision is made.

Can I make money transfers during the quarantine?

Yes, money transfers are carried out in a regular mode.

Where can I learn to use online banking services?

Register for online learning in PrivatBank at Take the practice program at home - from a computer, smartphone or tablet, and you will master the online banking tools. For customers over the age of 45, there is a new, simplified training program - “Banker for Yourself”, in which you can learn to use cards and remote banking tools. If your parents, grandparents are still making payments at the branches, show them this page and help register for a short course of study.

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Encourage your friends and relatives to study online and practice remote servicing at PrivatBank! Take care of their health!