To pay with Google Pay

is more convenient than with plastic card

Download Google Pay

Google Pay is

all cards in a phone

no cash or plastic

secure bank data

Once a woman has forgotten her wallet at home img2 and nothing terrible happened.

She paid for purchases in a supermarket via Google Pay.
To do this, just bring phone to the terminal.

Where to start?

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    Install the Google Pay app.
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    Add card.
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    Enter the code from SMS.

Where to start?

How to pay?

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    Find this icon on the terminal:
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    Unlock a phone and bring it to the terminal.
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    It’s ok, if a blue checkmark appears.
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How to pay?

By the way, it's safe

These cards are securely encrypted – the number is converted into a unique payment code that may not be falsified.

Be sure to set the screen lock, otherwise you will not get the card in the wallet.

Everything that you are ashamed to ask

1. What is Google Pay?

This is a contactless payment method. In other words, you can pay using any Android device – phone, tablet, watch.

2. I want to connect to Google Pay. How much does it cost?

You do not pay for Google Pay. There is only a fee for a card. UAH 6 may be temporarily frozen to check the account. During the day money will be returned.

3. Which phones support Google Pay?

Any Android-based phone with NFC module. Check this in the device settings.

4. How to start setting?

Download Google Pay and add your bank card.

5. Which cards can be connected?

Any MasterCard or Visa card from PrivatBank, other than the Internet card, can be used.

6. Do corporate cards work with Google Pay?


7. Where can I pay?

In any place where there is a contactless payment icon. It looks like this:

8. How to pay?

Just bring a phone to the terminal and hold it for a few seconds. It’s ok, if a blue checkmark appears on the screen. It is not necessary to open application.

9. Why UAH 6 is blocked?

To check the card. During the day money will be returned.

10. How safe is the application?

Google Pay is even safer than a plastic card. Banking details are securely encrypted.

11. What should I do if I lose my phone or have it stolen?

Delete all data and card from phone. You can always lock your wallet through “Find Device” app.

12. Can you add cards from different banks to your wallet?

Yes, but by default one card will be installed.

13. Where are bonuses accrued to?

To basic card account.

14. How to remove a card from Google Pay?

Choose a card. At the bottom of the page that opens click "Delete Card." Confirm the action.

15. What will happen if the card is lost?

No matter! But you have to block the card immediately. You may do so via Privat24 in the menu “My Accounts – Card/Account Management – Card Blocking” or by calling 3700 (free of charge).

When the card is blocked, you will be notified in Privat24 or by email.

The blocked card will remain in Google Pay and Privat24, but it will not be active for payments. After reissuing the card, please add it again to the Wallet, and remove the blocked one.

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