PrivatBank has planned a transition to a new version of database management systems (DBMS) processing, which will increase the performance and quality of processing payment card transactions. To complete this work, the bank announced a planned technological pause of processing on the night of October 14, 2018, and will inform customers of this.

As part of the migration process to the new version of the DBMS, all operations with the bank’s payment cards will be suspended from midnight to 4 am, and further stabilization of work may last until 8 am on Sunday, October 14. Technological work will be carried out at night, when the load is minimal and most customers do not carry out active operations. Also, a similar “timeout” will take ATMs, self-service terminals and bank trading terminals.

We will bring apologies to all customers through all available communication channels for any inconvenience, explaining that this work is necessary in order to process more and more non-cash customer payments even faster. Updating of software and hardware processing systems will allow PrivatBank to improve processing performance by updating and installing more efficient technologies. Also, the new version will create a platform for the further development of card services and new services and products.

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