Premium Support and Concierge Service

Premium Support and Concierge Service
We will help you in all the areas: from banking, finances and business to your leisure, hobbies, health and family care.

Premium Support

Finance and banking operations
Premium service consultations
Smart assistant and help from a support specialist. And the packages of Premium Plus, Premium Max and Private Banking include direct communication with our specialist.

We strive to solve your banking issues quickly and in the best possible manner.

Every task will be easily coped with– from cash request to consultations on government domestic bonds, from opening a deposit to assisting in making operations with your payment cards and so on.

Concierge Service

They work under the international standards
They have our partners all over the world
They have got an old hand at what may seem unsolvable for you or what may require from you an extra effort: like booking a suit in a hotel, renting a car, doing shopping and making deliveries from foreign web-sites

Concierge Service managers from our partners are always at your disposal for solving your personal issues quickly and in the best possible manner: buying tickets, flight registration, arranging your leisure, delivering food or flowers and much more.

If you are wondering what this “much more” means? Check on what we have already done for our customers and just imagine how much more we can do for you!

Premium Support and Concierge Service are at your disposal all-round-the-clock or 24/7

What to select and whom to address?

All this is really simple! Just select your contacts depending on payment system of your premium card. If you’ve got cards from both payment systems, then you can address both services - Visa and Mastercard.

PrivatBank Premium Support will handle all your banking issues and card transactions. Just leave them to us and we will easily deal with them all.

PrivatBank Premium Support
PrivatBank Premium Support
+38 073 (050, 098) 900 00 02
Via our Privat24 app: write us in the chat or call to our support right from the app

Your requests inspire

It was 2:33 AM when Vladislav sent us a few screenshots with footages from a movie asking to find this movie.
Just in a few hours our concierges got the link and information on the movie which Vladislav needed. We will do anything you ask!
Ihor addressed us with the following issue: he wanted to order and deliver sugar. The issue was because the post office accepted parcels up to 5 kilos only, but the customer needed 100 kilos. Fortunately, we were able to find a seller who agreed to send 20 parcels 5 kilos each, so we made Ihor happy and completed his order.
In mid-May Yuriy asked us to help fill up a car in Lviv for his family trip. But everyone knows, gas was a rarity at that time, especially in big cities. Our super concierges got a gas station for Yuriy and were able to solve this task no matter how hard the times were.
Serhiy addressed our concierges and asked them to search for some options to develop his own business with co-investors, but he did not want any franchise or third party firms. And we were able to find options for both, private offers and joint-business-development platforms. We support our customers in all their endeavors.
When the war started, we helped Hanna figure out how to open a charity organization and found specialists who agreed to support her all the way in doing this good thing.

Frequently asked questions

Premium Support
Concierge Service

How does the PrivatBank Premium Support work?

We are working all-round-the-clock seven days a week, and even more if you need us to :-)

What is the difference between Premium Support and Concierge Service from Visa and Mastercard?

Premium Support is a service where the Bank specialists deal with issues related to the Bank products and services or make transactions at your request (changing your card limit, blocking/unblocking cards, etc).

Bank products and services include not just traditional deposits, loans or insurance services, but also additional services for premium cards such as various airport services, loyalty programs, discounts from our partners, etc.

Concierge Service from Visa and Mastercard provide the services where our partners take care of your personal orders. So address them if your issue is not related to banking services/products. If, for instance, you need to find and buy any tickets, book a place or rent a car, buy anything from a foreign web-site, arrange a delivery of flowers, etc.

What issues Premium Support will help me with?

Issues related to banking services and products (deposits, loans, “Payment in installments”, insurance and airport services, etc), and making the following banking transactions:

  • Changing your card limits;
  • Blocking/unblocking your cards;
  • Cash request;
  • Certificate and/or statement requests;
  • Giving the explanations on cash flow in a statement, etc.

If your issue is related to the Concierge Service, the Premium Support specialists will also give you all the necessary details and help you to contact our partners.

Will Premium Support help me if I have a personal issue (buying tickets, for instance)?

Personal issues are solved by the Concierge Service specialists from Visa and Mastercard. But our Premium Support will provide you with all the necessary details on the Concierge Service you need and will help you to leave your request.