About the Bank

PrivatBank is the largest bank of Ukraine that moves the country forward.

We appreciate your trust

We remain a stable and reliable partner for financial affairs of Ukrainians in the most difficult times. We are trusted by more than 19 million active customers - private individuals and legal entities, and we do everything to strengthen your trust every day.

We focus on the needs of our customers

More than 1,000 branches, 5,000 ATMs and 10,000 SSTs of PrivatBank operate every day across the country. We believe that innovation should make life easier and more convenient. Therefore, we constantly improve our products, services and respond to the most demanding needs of our customers.

We build a country of dreams

Our goal is an economically strong Ukraine. PrivatBank is a responsible employer and one of the largest taxpayers in the country. Despite difficult times, we move the economy forward and do not stop lending to Ukrainians and businesses. In 2022, the share of PrivatBank in the retail loan portfolio increased from 26% to 32%, and businesses got new loans in the amount of UAH 23.8 billion. We work for the victory and rebuilding of Ukraine.

We are reporting on the things done. Ukraine’s largest bank in a year of the most complex challenges

PrivatBank is proud to be the largest state-owned Ukrainian bank. This status imposes on us an extra responsibility and special attention to requirements for compliance with all legal norms. Our team strives for transparency in its activities, because trust is the basis of our relationships with clients, businesses and all our partners. Hence, please see our 2022 Annual Report, which presents financial indicators and demonstrates the challenges and victories of PrivatBank in the most difficult year for Ukraine.


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

PrivatBank adheres to the Bank’s business conduct based on the principles of legality, transparency, competence, respecting the rights and interests of customers, bank creditors, shareholders and employees and aimed at increasing the efficiency of the bank, maintaining its financial stability and profitability.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct

The Bank is intended to promote and support honest and ethical conduct. Employees, customers, creditors and other persons who have legal relations with the Bank may report on potential or actual violations of the law and this Code.

The relevant notification may be provided by:

  • sending an e-mail to help@pb.ua;
  • calling on the 24/7 Support Service phone number published on the Bank’s official website (privatbank.ua) by choosing “Contacts” in the “Profile” section.

Shareholders Relations

The Bank, in relations with the shareholder, intends to pursue a transparent policy and strictly observe the principles, namely: to respect and ensure the rights of the shareholder, steadily observe his interests, timely disclose information, pursue an active communication policy, increase the visibility and accessibility of information by improving the quality of reporting and accounting.

Customers Relations

The Bank strives for the highest customer service standards and the protection of the best interests of each client; continues to develop new operations, products and directions, acknowledging the principle of a rational conservatism; seeks transparency in relations with clients and providing them with reliable information regarding its services; is interested in building long-term relationships with its customers.

Government Relations

The Bank adheres to the principle of neutrality with regard to business groups, political parties and associations and operates in the interests of depositors, customers, creditors and a shareholder. Bank employees shall conduct business affairs with government bodies avoiding a personal interest and undue influence on their decision making.

Vendor relationship

The Bank reserves the right not to cooperate with vendors/suppliers who violate the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine and the countries in which the Bank operates, including on ensuring the rights of employees, labor protection and observance of safety measures, environmental protection, as well as with vendors/suppliers who do not share the values and principles, ethical rules and business conduct of the Bank set forth in this Code.

Employee Relations

Employees are the key to the success of the Bank. The Bank actively and consistently engages employees regardless of age, race, gender, religion, beliefs or nationality and rewards them for success; appreciates its employees, creates the conditions to enable each employee’s full professional potential; shows its respect for human dignity and personality and believes in the importance of a cooperative atmosphere and trust.

Privatbank values and principles


The Bank adheres to laws, ethical standards and the rules of fair business, fulfills its obligations and values its reputation.


Quality and Level of Service are essential factors for success. Improving customer service is the main task of all bank employees.


The Bank creates conditions for open and timely communication, healthy working microclimate, observance of safety measures, provides an opportunity for individual growth and self-affirmation. The Bank is interested in a proper observance of labor legislation.


Customer-centric standards and the conduction of profitable banking operations may guarantee Bank profitability.


PrivatBank does not allow revenge, discrimination, disciplinary sanctions and other negative consequences in relation to those who report on unacceptable behavior in the Bank.

Decision making

The Bank is convinced that in order to achieve high performance, continuous growth is required, which is achieved by the correct estimation of the operation’s risk. Managers and employees, when making decisions, are guided by internal regulations, policies and regulatory risk exposure, risk limits regulatory acts.