Easy transfers to accounts of individuals or legal entities - no restrictions on the amount.

Fees for SWIFT-payments

Fees for SWIFT-payments
SWIFT-payment receipt fee
SWIFT-payment 0.5% of the transferred amount, min. UAH 5.00, not exceeding USD 500.00 + USD 12.00 in UAH at the NBU rate.
SWIFT-payments within Ukraine 1% of the transferred amount, min. USD 20.00, not exceeding USD 500.00 in UAH at the NBU rate.
Transfer of SWIFT- payments On the Internet Сard, the "Universal" Сard and the current account of an individual - 0%
To the Payment Card - 0.5% of the transfer amount
Cash withdrawal From the Universal Card and the current account of an individual - 1% of the withdrawal amount
From Card for payments - 0%

Faster SWIFT gpi international payments!

Faster SWIFT gpi international payments!

SWIFT gpi is a standard for international payments that increases speed and ensures transparency of payments. The technology opens up new opportunities for improving the quality of international payments service.

How to send a SWIFT transfer
How to receive a SWIFT transfer

Requirements as to customer details

Requirements as to customer details

Foreign currency transfer abroad from an individual can be performed in terms of non-commercial transactions and shall not apply to transactions related to investment and business activities.

Documents for sending a foreign currency SWIFT-payment:

  • for foreign citizens – a national passport (bearing a permanent residence permission stamp) and a permanent residence certificate in Ukraine for foreigners;
  • for citizens of Ukraine: a Ukrainian passport or a substituting document.

Details for sending a foreign currency SWIFT-payment:

  • beneficiary bank name;
  • beneficiary bank SWIFT-code;
  • beneficiary account number (or the international bank account number – IBAN);
  • name (for individuals – first name and last name) and address (residency) of the beneficiary;
  • payment purpose (purpose and invoice number).


  1. In the event payment for goods or services is made in the favour of a non-resident legal entity, please specify the name of a product or a service along with the number and date of the invoice/contract pursuant to which you purchase the goods or services. The payment purpose should make it clear that the product or service is intended for the individual's personal use.
    In the event supporting documents are drawn up in a foreign language, the customer shall provide the bank with translation thereof into Ukrainian. Documents drawn up in Russian shall not be translated into Ukrainian.
  2. IBAN details are required for SWIFT-transfers to Europe.. PrivatBank uses correspondent banks abroad in order to accelerate international settlements in favour of PrivatBank customers.
Banque de Commerce et de Placements,
SWIFT: BPCPCHGG ACCOUNT: 10.602602.0.100
Bank Pekao/Grupa Pekao S.A., WARSZAWA, PL
SWIFT: PKOPPLPW ACCOUNT: PL13124000013140533111120301

SWIFT-payment key benefits

SWIFT-payment key benefits
  • Transfers are made quickly and safely to almost any country in the world;
  • A wide range of currency can be transferred: U.S. dollars, Euro, Russian roubles, British pounds, Polish zlotys, Swedish kronas, Swiss francs.
  • A unique "auto-conversion" service: you can send a SWIFT-payment from your U.S. dollar account using any currency;
  • Transfers may be sent either to an individual or a legal person without any amount limit;
  • Sending transfers to an individual does not require producing supporting documents in respect of amounts not exceeding the equivalent of UAH 15,000.00 per one operational (working) day from foreign currency accounts;
  • Lower fees when compared to other money transfer systems;
  • Transfers can be made via the Privat24 online banking system.

Free money transfers from Poland to Ukraine

Free money transfers from Poland to Ukraine

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