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Receive international payments and withdraw funds to your PrivatBank account

Payoneer payments are credited to individual and entrepreneur accounts online:

Payoneer payments are credited to individual and entrepreneur accounts online:
  • for freelancers - individuals – 24/7;
  • for entrepreneurs (sole proprietorship) – weekdays: 8:00 - 20:00.

Conditions for crediting Payoneer payments to PrivatBank accounts:

Crediting to individual Card for Payouts in UAH 0%
Transfer crediting to Payment Card of a private individual in USD and EUR 1%
Transfer crediting to Universal and Premium cards in UAH, USD and EUR 0%
Transfer crediting to account of a private entrepreneur and subsequent transfer to Payment Card of a private individual 0%
Fees of correspondent banks 0%

Simplified currency control

Simplified currency control
  • Payments up to UAH 400,000 (in equiv.) are credited automatically in the absence of signs of riskiness.
  • Simplified currency control also applies to payments over UAH 400,000 (in equiv.). For this to come into effect, a client needs to add the Letter of Agreement (Offer Letter) to his/her Privat24).

Benefits offered by PrivatBank

For Freelancers
For Freelance Entrepreneurs

24/7 remote service in Privat24.

swift gpi

Automatic crediting of SWIFT payments without additional fees (according to the tariff of your card). All SWIFT transfers in PrivatBank are carried out according to the SWIFT gpi standard.

Funds pre-order by application in Privat24 or by calling 3700.

All international transfers carried out 24/7 in Privat24.

Instant transfers from international cards from all over the world to PrivatBank cards at favorable rates in Privat24.

No fee for cash withdrawal from Cards for Pay-Outs in the bank’s branches and ATMs.

Sending of transfers within the e-limit with no additional fees.

Special support line for freelancers: e-mail:, tel. +38 (073) 900 00 04.

Transfer money from international Payoneer card to PrivatBank card in Privat24 Next

Web version
Mobile application

The fee is 1.5% of the transfer amount (previously: 2%, min USD 7) for Mastercard cards.

Web version of the Open the “Services” menu → “Transfers” → “To any card”. Enter the following information:

  • number, validity period and CVV-code of the sender's card;
  • recipient's card number;
  • amount and currency of the transfer.

Available IT Expert service packages

IT Expert GOLD
IT Expert Platinum
IT Expert Premium

Gold tier card – an international payment card of PrivatBank giving you option to receive free service from a personal banker at your convenience. Cards in any currency (UAH, USD, EUR) may be opened freely.

Card with a design – issue and delivery of a card with an individual design (chip, PayPass) – no charge!

  • You can choose the design and data you want to see on the card.
  • You can hide card number, expiration date, CVV code, first and last name.
  • The currency of the Payment card with a design is hryvnia/US dollar/euro.
  • The currency of the Universal card with a design is hryvnia.
  • The card with a design can be with a separate balance or additional to your existing card.

A free card with a design is issued with a promo code, to receive a promo code write to

After contacting you will be sent an email with a promo code and instructions for remote ordering.

How do I transfer funds from an individual entrepreneur account to an individual card?

In order for 0% rate to apply, you need to transfer funds to “Privat24 for Business” from an individual entrepreneur account (account number starting with 2600) to an individual Card for Pay-Outs without using the Key to Account card (see instructions).

Where can I get a template of the Letter of Agreement (Offer Letter) to benefit from simplified currency control when crediting transfers?

To get the letter template, click here. After filling it in, you just need to add it in Privat24 once.

What do I do if 0% preferential tariff does not apply to my transfers?

If you receive payments from Payoneer to your individual entrepreneur account and do not have a preferential tariff applied to your transfers, mail us at to instantly activate the 0% tariff.

How can I order an Individual Design Card or Platinum card?

To order a card with an Individual Design Card or Platinum Card, please mail us at