Overdraft facility

The possibility of making prompt payments via your account in case of insufficient balance and without unnecessary formalities.

Your benefits

Your benefits
  • Use of credit funds for any purpose on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Establishing unsecured overdraft limit. The possibility of increasing thereof subject to growing influx of funds in your PrivatBank account
  • Maximum simplification of the application and prolongation procedure.
  • Payment for the service comprises only the interest for actual use of credit funds – no extra fees implied.

Overdraft terms

Overdraft terms
  • Term of the agreement – 1 year with the possibility of prolongation subject to agreement between the parties.
  • Continuous use of funds during 30 days after negative balance was detected in your account as per the end of the day.
  • Interest rate in UAH - from 11% p/a, differentiated by the time of funds use.
  • Commission - from 0.25% to 1% of the amount.
  • The debt is repaid automatically by means of funds credited to your account,
  • accepting trade receipts in bank branches and terminals
  • In case of using credit funds and repaying the debt till the end of the same day no interest is accrued.
  • The decision on the rate and commissions is made depending on the loan value, types of collateral and cooperation on other products of the bank.