Convenient services that are always around

Transfer of funds

Transfer of funds

To replenish a card by the recipient's phone number, being anywhere: in Kyiv, London, or Sydney? Easy-peasy.

Transfer money to your family and friends online anytime and anywhere. Privat24 provides all transfer options:

  • transfers to Visa and Mastercard cards: by card number or phone number;
  • sending money via 8 money transfer systems;
  • international SWIFT payments.

Mobile top-up

Mobile top-up

Communicate without limits: top up mobile numbers of all Ukrainian carriers in just a couple of clicks.

Funds are credited instantly to your mobile account. Replenishments by automatically created templates are available.

Payment for any services

To pay utility bills without visiting a bank's branch and waiting in line? In a matter of seconds and even on profitable fees? Yes, this is about Privat24.

Payments by details

Utility payments

Payment of taxes

Tuition fees

Repayment of loans

Loans and savings

Loans and savings

Not enough money to buy? Apply for a loan and control your active contracts through Privat24.

The Moneybox service and PrivatBank's deposits, available for online registration, will help you to save money in a convenient and easy way.

Wallet for all your cards

Wallet for all your cards

The Privat24 e-wallet fits any card.

  • Activate a PrivatBank card, and it will be immediately displayed in your Privat24. If you want to add originality, set a virtual cover for the card
  • Add cards of other banks to Privat24 and use them to transfer funds, top up your mobile phone and pay for utilities
  • Store discount cards of your favorite brands online to collect and use bonuses

Adding services to the home screen

Adding services to the home screen

Your Privat24, your rules.

Control the home screen of the application: add any services on the screen to use them with one click. To do this, click "Add", check the icons of the required services, and confirm the operation. That's it.

Payment for public transport fares

Payment for public transport fares

Let's pay contactless.

No more paper tickets. No more giving cash hand-in-hand. Scan a QR code on public transport using mobile Privat24 and pay for travel quickly and without a bank fee.

Buying train tickets

Buying train tickets

We will help you organize a vacation anywhere in Ukraine.

Buy train tickets and additional services right from your smartphone. You do not need to check the availability of the desired tickets for sale. The unique service "Ticket monitoring" will do it for you.

And even if plans suddenly change, you can easily return tickets through Privat24.

One app for individuals and entrepreneurs

One app for individuals and entrepreneurs

Services for individuals + services for entrepreneurs = one application Privat24.

Switch to the "Business" section and perform transactions on the entrepreneur’s accounts:

  • transfer money;
  • view balance and movement of funds;
  • share account details with business partners.

Of course we have the web version

Of course we have the web version

It wouldn't be online banking without the web version.

The same Privat24: available to everyone, with an updated design and lots of services. Everything is the same as in the mobile application.

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Download Privat24 on iOS and Android

What operations in Privat24 are available with cards of other banks?

Other banks’ cardholders can perform the following transactions through Privat24:

  • transfer funds to Visa and Mastercard cards;
  • top-up mobile number;
  • pay for utilities.

To make these payments, logging in and registration in Privat24 are not required.

How to become a bank client and sign up in Privat24?

  1. Download the Privat24 app from App Store, Play Market, or App Gallery.
  2. Turn on the app and pass video identification online: documents can be provided via Privat24.
  3. When completing registration in Privat24, issue a Digital card.

What OS version should be installed on my smartphone to use Privat24?

Android requires version 4.4 or later.

iOS requires version 12.0 or later.

Failed to download or update Privat24 application. What should I do?

We recommend using the tips in the instructions:

How is the authorization in Privat24 confirmed?

After entering the password, the following methods are used to confirm authorization:

  • OTP: you need to enter a code from SMS, which will be sent to your financial phone number;
  • bank call;
  • PIN: you need to enter PIN code of your card selected from the list.

Also, you can log in to Privat24 using a fingerprint or facial recognition feature. Then you don’t need to enter your account password and additionally confirm authorization.

Can I contact a bank employee using the Privat24 app?

Yes, click on the message icon in the upper right corner of the home screen of the app. “Online Help” will assist you in solving issues related to PrivatBank products.

Is it secure to use Privat24 via Wi-Fi in public places?

Yes. Privat24 encrypts data that are transmitted to the bank and received from the bank's servers. Your accounts and money are always safe.