Privat24 for Business

Privat24 for Business

All financial transactions in your smartphone!


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Privat24 for Business application for Android and iOS allows you:

  • viewing your account balances and statements;
  • sending the payments;
  • creating payments in a few clicks from incoming proforma invoices of the electronic document flow;
  • performing currency exchange operations;
  • opening the deposits;
  • applying for a loan;
  • checking the company's limits;
  • finding out the latest business news and much more.

Signature SmartID

Signature SmartID

This is a qualified electronic signature that allows you to send and sign payments using a mobile phone without using flash drives for storing keys and plugins.

How to create SmartID

  1. Press the “Settings” button in Privat24 for Business application.
  2. Select SmartID and the company for which you want to generate a SmartID signature from the list.
  3. Signature created!

How to sign a payment using SmartID in Privat24 for Business mobile application?

Create the payment or log in to an already created payment. Click "Sign" and select SmartID from the list.




Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Wi-Fi in public places to work with Privat24?

Absolutely! The application encrypts the data transmitted to the bank and received from its servers. Your accounts and money on them are always safe.

What if my phone with Privat24 installed is stolen?

Even if your phone is stolen, no one will be able to steal your money – to log in to the application Privat24 password is required. If you have recently launched the application, if you are closed or there is no activity on your part, it will automatically log out of your account and ask for your password again. Remember: you should definitely inform PrivatBank employees that you have lost your phone! You can do this by calling 3700. You lost your phone! You can do this by calling 3700. Since your phone number is used for banking operations, we will temporarily disable receiving commands from it. As soon as you update the number, notify the bank.

How do I authorise in Privat24 for Business?

If you don’t have and never had an account with Privat24 for Business. As of now, registration in Privat24 for Business is not mandatory. Any individual can authorise simultaneously by entering their phone number in the +380 XX XXX XX XX format as their username and their password from Privat24 for individuals.