Industry-specific rates for each company and IT entrepreneurs.

Benefits for IT Entrepreneurs

Account opening – free of charge.

Payments to the budget (taxes, etc.) – free of charge.

Issuance of free premium Platinum/Signature card.

Same-day crediting of foreign currency.

Trading session for private entrepreneurs is extended

The session is available if the specified exchange rates are indicated in “Privat24 for Business”

  • Working hours: 15:00 – 09:00 (the session is suspended at: 23:30 – 00:19)
  • Type of transaction for a customer: sale
  • Exchange rate: commercial exchange rate of the Bank
  • Currency: pursuant to the list of currencies in which a customer can open an account
  • Amount: up to 20 thousand US dollars in the equivalent

Dedicated support service

For entrepreneurs
To legal entities

"IT Expert" special rate package

Opening an account Free of charge
Effecting payments to the budget (payment of taxes, etc.) Free of charge
Payments to another bank UAH 0* (if spent from cards in the amount of UAH 5,000 and more)
Or UAH 3 (if spent up to UAH 5,000)
Cash and settlement service (monthly fee) UAH 0 * (if spent from cards in the amount of UAH 5,000 and more)
or UAH 50 (if spent up to UAH 5,000)
Fee for transferring funds from the account of an individual entrepreneur to a card for pay-outs 0.5% of the amount, max. UAH 50
Fee for transferring funds from the individual entrepreneur's account to a payment card for IT companies (from 50 entrepreneurs) free of charge
Gold Cards maintenance for new customers Free of charge
SWIFT transfers 25 USD/EUR
Complimentary issuance of Gold, Platinum and Premium cards (depending on the revenue) Free of charge
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* If you spend, more than UAH 5,000 at the trade and service enterprises or online stores using any personal card from the 25th day of the last month to the 25th day of the current month, then payment processing for the current month is free of charge and payments to another bank are free of charge during the next month.
All tariffs for entrepreneurs

To open an account on the website it is necessary:

To open an account on the website it is necessary:
  • To be officially registered as an entrepreneur;
  • To be a client of PrivatBank (for example, have a card or deposit, use Privat24, etc.);
  • To get an EDS in Privat24 for private clients.
  • You do not need to provide documents to a branch.

    If the core business (KVED) is compliant with IT industry, then the IT Expert rate package will be linked automatically.

To change your rate package for "IT Expert" it is required that:

To change your rate package for "IT Expert" it is required that:
  • you have a current account of an entrepreneur with PrivatBank;
  • your core business is compliant with IT industry:
  • 62.01 Computer programming activities;
  • 72.21.0 Development of standard software;
  • 72.22.0 Other software development activities;
  • 72.40.0 Activities related to databases;
  • 63.11 Data processing, hosting and related activities;
  • 62.02 (72.10.0) Computer consultancy activities;
  • 58.21 Publishing of computer games;
  • 58.29 Other software publishing;
  • 62.09 Other information technology and computed service activities;
  • 62.03 Computer equipment management activities;
  • 63.12 Webportals;
  • 72.60.0 Other activities in the sphere of information system development;
  • 74.10 Specialized design activity;
  • 74.20 Photographic activity.

Sending reports to state bodies via the Internet!

Sending reports to state bodies via the Internet!
  • You reduce your accounting expenses;
  • For signing the reports you may use the keys of State Fiscal Service of Ukraine or keys from PrivatBank, which can be obtained free of charge at Privat24 for business;
  • The Report Importing option let you download documents created in another program to your computer and send them via the Electronic Documents and Reports service;
  • The support service will help you to fill out the report correctly.

Foreign currency transactions

Foreign currency transactions
  • Currency earnings from international IT companies (Google, Apple, Upwork, etc.) are credited automatically*. You do not need to provide documents to the bank for each crediting in order to pass the exchange control;
  • Crediting of foreign currency is on a same day basis;
  • No additional fees - You pay for currency exchange transactions at the rate set by the bank;
  • Free 24/7 consultations on FEA issues.

* The first crediting shall be accompanied by submission to the bank of a letter on the offer agreement(letter template).

5 reasons to become an entrepreneur for a freelancer

5 reasons to become an entrepreneur for a freelancer
  • Official income receipt;
  • Legitimacy of entrepreneurial activity on providing IT services;
  • Social protection and pension provision;
  • Opportunity to work with large customers;
  • Minimizing the risk of fraud in the settlements.

Learn more about registration and working as an entrepreneur.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find out the details of PrivatBank's currency account in order to receive SWIFT payments?

Details of your account which will be credited with money, you can see in Privat24 for business / "Foreign exchange transactions" / "Contracts with foreign partners".

Where can I put questions on SWIFT payments?

A special support line for clients from IT industry - e-mail:

How do I transfer funds from my account of individual entrepreneur to my private card?

Згідно інструкції

After activating the "IT-Expert" rate package (the next day after submitting an application on the website), the client will be able to transfer funds from his/her account of individual entrepreneur to his/her own card at a reduced rate.

Is the interest on deposits for entrepreneurs paying single tax subject to taxation?

For entrepreneurs paying single tax, interest on a deposit is not to be included in revenues when compiling a single tax report.

How will the deposit and interest be paid after the expiration of the term?

The deposit amount and accrued interest will be returned to your current account in the currency of the deposit without any conversions.

Where can I get an example of a notarized power of attorney to give the full right of bookkeeping to my accountant?

Click here.