Mass payments for international companies

Make payments from abroad instantly!

Why the mass payments are necessary?

Payment for the services of freelancers and IT specialists, payment of salaries to seafarers and other segments, social benefits.


Mass payouts are ideal when you need to top up multiple accounts from abroad, as you save significantly on Commission.

Валютні виплати

Thanks to this service, the company can send a single payment to many recipients in Ukraine.


There is no need to create similar payments.

Ability to work through a convenient personal account of InterPay or use the API of PrivatBank.

Funds are credited to the recipient's cards/accounts online.

Ability to specify a separate purpose in each payment.

You can create payments from any country.

Previously, you had to pay an average of 40 USD for each individual payment, now you only pay a Commission for one payment!

Full archive of previously paid statements.

Free connection to the service.

We invite you to a partnership

We invite you to a partnership

PrivatBank invites international companies and financial organizations to mutually beneficial cooperation.

We offer innovative, technological and integration solutions for making transfers.

For more information, please submit a request.

How does it work?

Валютні виплати
1 Step

A non-resident company sends a SWIFT payment for the total amount of the statement.

2 Step

PrivatBank distributes payments to recipients according to the statement.

3 Step

Crediting to cards/accounts of individuals or entrepreneurs.

How do I make payments in my InterPay

1. Authorization sign in service:

  • enter your mobile phone number;
  • confirm your login with an SMS password;
  • enter your personal username and password to log in to the service.

2. Add a file in XLS (Excel) format to top up your cards/accounts.

3. Get a report on the transfer.

Available IT Expert service packages

IT Expert GOLD
IT Expert Platinum
IT Expert Premium

Gold tier card – an international payment card of PrivatBank giving you option to receive free service from a personal banker at your convenience. Cards in any currency (UAH, USD, EUR, RUB) may be opened freely.

Card with a design – issue and delivery of a card with an individual design (chip, PayPass) – no charge!

  • You can choose the design and data you want to see on the card.
  • You can hide card number, expiration date, CVV code, first and last name.
  • The currency of the Payment card with a design is hryvnia/US dollar/euro.
  • The currency of the Universal card with a design is hryvnia.
  • The card with a design can be with a separate balance or additional to your existing card.

A free card with a design is issued with a promo code, to receive a promo code write to

After contacting you will be sent an email with a promo code and instructions for remote ordering.

Frequently asked questions

Who pays the transfer fee?

The transfer fee may be paid by the recipient or the company.
Depends on the terms of the contract with the company.

What should I do if I can't log in to InterPay?

You can get advice via the following communication channels:

Is there a limit on the amount of a single transfer in the form?

Limits on transfers are determined in accordance with current legislation and are set in agreement with the company.

Who pays the Commission for a SWIFT transfer to a transit account?

A non-resident company is required to pay commission fees to all banks involved in transferring the total payment amount to a transit account.

Do I need to use additional services of PrivatBank to connect to currency payments?


Is it possible to change the terms of the current contract?

Changes and additions to the contract are made on the basis of the mutual consent of the parties and are made out in a separate agreement, which is an integral part of the contract.

How can I disable the service?

The party which no longer able to perform its obligations under the contract must notify the other party about the beginning, expected duration and termination of the above circumstances in writing form within 20 days.

Any party to this contract may terminate it unilaterally by notifying the other party within 20 (twenty) calendar days in writing form.

The contract is valid for 1 (one) year from the date of its signing by the parties. The term of the contract is automatically extended for the same period, if none of the parties declares its termination no later than 20 days before the end of this contract.