Increase the working capital of your business and earn more.


Loan facility allows the client to receive loan proceeds in parts within the established limit and due to the Loan Agreement period with or without restoration of the loan limit in case of repayment by the client of the loan or part thereof.


  • You decide how to dispose the funds by your own.
  • Interest accrual only for the funds used.
  • The possibility of obtaining funds in whole or in parts (by tranches).

Credit terms

Loan facility for SME customers
Loan facility for corporate clients
Loan type Revolving loan Investment loan
(revolving loan up to 5 years)
Loan purpose replenishment of working capital financing of any seasonal production cycle, project implementation, investment goals, purchase of fixed assets, refinancing
Loan currency UAH, USD, EUR UAH
Tenor of agreement from 1 to 3 years from 1 to 5 years
Amount from 500,000 to 3,000,000 UAH
from 18,000 to 105,000 USD
from 15,000 to 90,000 EUR
from 500,000 to 10,000,000 UAH
  • 90 days UAH – 13%; EUR – 4.5%; USD – 5.5%;
  • 180 days UAH – 14%; EUR – 5%; USD – 6%;
  • 270 days UAH – 15%; EUR – 5.5%; USD – 6.5%
Front-end fee 1% of the loan amount (UAH);
0.5% of the loan amount (EUR, USD)
1% of the loan amount
Repayment order setting to zero every 90 / 180 / 270(for agrarians) days annuity/equal parts/individual
Loan collateral goods in circulation, real estate, equipment, vehicles, agricultural equipment, in addition - a guarantee from an individual - a business owner real estate, equipment, vehicles, agricultural equipment, in addition - a guarantee from an individual - a business owner

How is the loan facility limit calculated?

How is the loan facility limit calculated?

The limit is calculated individually after the submission to the bank of necessary documents. The loan limit definition is based on a comprehensive analysis of the company’s financial flows in the conjunction with its financial condition in accordance with the financial statements. The average is 40% of the market value of the collateral provided. For example, if the market value of goods is 2 million UAH, the preliminary amount of the limit will be 800 thousand UAH.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a loan facility?

  1. Revolving loan facility provides repeated use and repayment of credit funds within established limit.
  2. Investment loan (non-revolving credit line up to 5 years) provides the issuance of loan funds, within the agreed maximum amount (loan limit). In the case of full amount of credit funds receiving, their further issuance is terminated regardless of the actual amount of the debt.

Who can get a loan facility?

Enterprises or entrepreneurs with a current account in PrivatBank.

What documents need to be submitted for the consideration of a loan application?

  • Constituent and registration documents (if they were not previously provided).
  • Information on the legal structure of the debtor/group with indication of ownership shares (information is filled in the menu item “Privat24 for business” - “Documents of the corp. Client“).
  • Financial statements (for legal entity: balance sheet, Form 2 for the reporting period and last year, for an entrepreneur: income statement for the reporting period or for a shorter period if the company/PE exists for a shorter period).
  • Explanation of the KVED articles of the financial results statement and their use (p. 2000) or a report on the enterprise’s activity main indicators (form No.1-entrepreneurship) for the last reporting year with a receipt of dispatch or a mark of the statistical office on acceptance of the report (information filled in the menu item "Privat24 for business" - "Documents Corp. Client").
  • Feasibility Study Statement (Appendix 1 to the passport) of the debtor on the provision of a loan indicating the intended use of loan.
  • Minutes (decisions) of the general meeting of shareholders (members, supervisory board, board) of the enterprise (or other body authorized to make the relevant decision), where the following issues should be considered:
    1. the need for a loan in PrivatBank (in a certain amount, on time, indicating the purpose of loan obtaining);
    2. granting the right to sign a Loan Agreement to a manager in accordance with the Articles of Association and a card with specimen signatures;
    3. the provision of a collateral and the provision of the right to sign a Collateral Agreement to an authorized person, and if the collateral giver is another person, it is noted who exactly is the collateral giver;
    4. you need to specify the name and identification data of the collateral giver in the protocol.
  • Legal documentation of the collateral giver/guarantor (if the collateral giver is a third party are similar to the borrower’s documents).

Collateral Documents. On any subject of collateral, the client sends to the bank a report on the independent evaluation of the subject of collateral made by the accredited by bank subject of assessment activity.

Which loan facility amount can I expect for?

The limit is calculated individually after the submission of the necessary documents to the bank and the assessment of the company’s financial condition. The average is 40% of the market value of the collateral provided.

Are there additional charges in case of non-use of credit funds?


How can I use the loan facility?

Go to the menu “Privat24 for business” - “Credits” - “Effective credits” and choose “Apply for a tranche on a loan facility”.

How can I repay a loan facility debt?

Go to the menu “Privat24 for business” - “Credits” - “Effective credits” and select “Repayment of debt under the Loan Agreement”.