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Credit line for micro and small business customers
Credit line for Medium and Corporate clients


  • The loan amount may reach UAH 5 million.
  • Minimum package of documents.
  • Interest repayment period is on a monthly basis, zeroing tranches is not obligatory.
  • You can repeatedly use credit funds within the established limit.
  • Possibility of receiving interest compensation under the state program "Affordable Loans 5-7-9%".

Credit terms

Loan purpose Revolving credit line
Loan currency UAH
Tenor of agreement Up to 36 months
  • from UAH 100 thousand to UAH 20 million for micro-business;
  • from UAH 500 thousand to UAH 50 million for small business.
Rate Subject to participation in the "Affordable loans 5-7-9%" program Fixed rate

13% per annum, except for:

  • 3% per annum for business entities conducting economic activities in a high-risk war zone*.
  • 7% per annum for business entities conducting their core activities under all CTEA of Section C.
  • 7% per annum for the reconstruction of fixed assets of business entities destroyed due to military aggression, as evidenced by relevant documents.
Front-end fee 0% (reduced starting from 05.10.2023 to 31.05.2024)
Repayment order
  • Interest is repaid on a monthly basis
  • Body is repaid with an equal limit reduction on a monthly basis, using the credit funds with no obligatory zeroing of debt for the period of the loan term
Loan collateral Movable/immovable property, business owner surety

*High-Risk War Zone - territories susceptible to combat operations as listed and approved by the Ministry of Reintegration, with no specified end date for combat operations, or territories where there have been no combat operations or occupation for less than one calendar year as of the date of entering into the credit agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a revolving credit line?

A credit line is a type of short-term/long-term loan, according to the terms of which a bank grants a borrower a loan within agreed maximum amount (credit limit), which a borrower can use in full or in parts (tranches) at any time during the term of a loan agreement. At the same time, the credit limit within the term of an agreement may change (increase or decrease) depending on the terms of a loan agreement (repayment of selected amounts, term of agreement etc.).

Who can apply for a credit line?

Legal entities and individual private entrepreneurs whose business activities last no less than 2 years and whose financial status is acceptable.

What documents do I need to submit to review my loan application?

  • Constituent and registration documents (if not previously provided).
  • Information about the legal structure of the debtor/group with an indication of ownership shares (the data is filled in “Privat24 for Business” in the “Documents for the corporate customers” menu).
  • Financial statements (for a legal entity: balance sheet, Form 2 for the reporting period and the last year; for an entrepreneur: Income Declaration for the reporting period or for a shorter period if the company/Private Entrepreneurs exists for a shorter period).
  • on financial results and their use according to the Labor Code (ed. 2000) or a report on the main performance indicators of the enterprise (Form No. 1- Entrepreneurship) for the last reporting year with a receipt for sending or a mark of the statistical management body on the acceptance of the report (the data is filled in “Privat24 for Business” in the “Documents for the corporate customers” menu).
  • Application for a loan.
  • Proceedings (decisions) of the general meeting of shareholders (participants, supervisory board, management board) of the enterprise (or other body authorized to make a corresponding decision), where such issues should be considered:
    1. the necessity to get a loan from PrivatBank (in a certain amount, within the agreed period, indicating the purpose of obtaining the loan);
    2. granting the right to sign the loan agreement to the manager in accordance with the Charter and a card with sample signatures;
    3. providing collateral and granting the right to sign the pledge agreement to an authorized person, and if the pledgor is another person, it is indicated who exactly is the pledgor;
    4. the name and identification data of the guarantor must be specified in the protocol.
  • Legal Documents for the mortgagor/guarantor (if a mortgagor is the third party, the documents are the same as for the borrower).
  • The documents for the participation in the “Affordable Loans at 5-7-9” program.
  • The documents for the pledge. On any pledged item the customer shall report to the Bank on the impartial evaluation of this pledged item made by the appraiser, accredited by the Bank.

Does a revolving credit line participate in state programs?

Yes, it does. A revolving credit line is granted the borrower’s right to receive from the state a compensation for the interests under the “Affordable Loans at 5-7-9%” program , and to have guaranties provided by the state as a collateral under the loan obligations.

What is the sum for the credit line which I can dispose of?

The limit is set individually, after all the required documents are submitted to the Bank and when the financial status of a company is evaluated.

Are there additional charges in case of non-use of credit funds?


How can I use the loan facility?

Go to the menu “Privat24 for business” - “Credits” - “Effective credits” and choose “Apply for a tranche on a loan facility”.

How can I repay a loan facility debt?

Go to the menu “Privat24 for business” - “Credits” - “Effective credits” and select “Repayment of debt under the Loan Agreement”.

Are there any additional sanctions in case of misuse of credit funds?

Thus, the loan agreement provides for penalties.

What is a variable interest rate?

A variable interest rate is an interest rate that may increase or decrease depending on the change in the UIRD index in the relevant interest rate period.

What is a UIRD Index?

UIRD (Ukrainian Index of Retail Deposit Rates) is a Ukrainian index of retail deposit rates for private individuals. This is an indicative rate, which is calculated every banking day in the Thomson Reuters system using a method developed jointly with the National Bank of Ukraine based on the nominal market rates of individual deposits for a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. in the relevant currency. Data on the size of the UIRD index are available on the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine.

When is the interest rate review?

The amount of the variable interest rate is revised 15 calendar days before the effective date of the interest rate period, where the new interest rate calculated as a result of such revision will be applied. If this day is a holiday or non-working day, then on the previous banking day.

To calculate the amount of the variable interest rate for the corresponding period of the interest rate, the UIRD index is used, which is determined as of the banking day preceding the date of revision of the amount of the variable interest rate.

What is an interest rate period?

The interest rate period is 3, 6 or 12 calendar months.