Services for seafarers and their families

The best terms and services: instant transfers, free cards, automatic payment of salary, and so on.

PrivatBank cooperates with the largest marine companies.

For marine and crewing companies
For marine and crewing companies

Payment card

Payment card

You can receive any money credits to the Payment Card, including international money transfers.

  • Simple and free design
  • Free opening of cards in any currency.
  • Payment for purchases and services without commission.
  • Cash withdrawal at any ATM in Ukraine without commissions.

Card with design

Card with design

Issue and delivery of a card with an individual design (chip, PayPass) - free!

You choose what data you want to see on the card!

You can leave the card number and expiration date and hide the CVV. And vice versa. And you can remove everything at all. Also, if desired, you can hide your name on the card.

Digital card

Digital card

Digital card is the same card for payments or Universal, but without plastic and compartments.

Can be opened in Privat24 (web and mobile app).

Digital card features:

  • payments in Privat24;
  • online shopping;
  • paying for purchases and services with Apple Pay and Google Pay;
  • cash withdrawal using a QR code.

How to get your Bank card details for crediting an international transfer

How to get your Bank card details for crediting an international transfer

You can get Bank details through the following channels:

  • Privat24 (menu All services – - > Information - > My details – > SWIFT payment Replenishment);
  • self-service terminal (menu My settings – > Get Bank details);
  • ATM (menu Other operations – - > My settings - > More settings – > Card details);
  • tel. +38 (073) 900 00 04 (IVR-menu).

Where can I contact for advice and activation of the service?

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Frequently asked questions

How can foreign shipping companies pay the money earned on the voyage?

SWIFT payments are ideal for transferring funds in foreign currency from foreign shipping companies, as well as for money transfers from relatives or friends.

How can I safely deliver the earned money to Ukraine, if the shipping company pays the sailors in cash?

Do not try to transport the earned money yourself and do not use questionable channels to deliver it to Ukraine – it is dangerous.

Choose a convenient way to send money.

Method 1. Make a money transfer in the name of a trusted person or in your own name before returning to Ukraine. After arriving home, you will be able to receive funds at any branch of PrivatBank.

Method 2. Before the voyage, open a PrivatBank card in the desired currency. You can credit money on it in any bank in the world.