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Send money to Ukraine with the help of our partners and the bank's technologies, including instant transfers.

PrivatBank provides all options for transfers to Ukraine online without visiting bank branches and agent locations!

Instant Transfer Systems
Online services

Western Union

Western Union

Western Union unites more than 200 countries, has more than 500,000 service points.
It is possible to receive both international and domestic transfers. Money transfer can be created online on the website or through the application:

Western Union
Western Union

Western Union may credit money directly to the card.



PrivatMoney operates in 23 countries and has 6,000 service points.
It is possible to receive both international and domestic money transfers.



The system of international money transfers RIA has 435 000 points of service in 160 countries of the world.
Money transfer can be created online on the website or through the application:


Ria may credit money directly to the card.



Moneygram has more than 350,000 service points in more than 200 countries.
By using MoneyGram, you can receive a money transfer from the USA and European countries.

Money transfer can be created online on the website or through the application:




IntelExpress provides individuals with the opportunity to exchange money transfers in more than 70 countries, has more than 70,000 service points.



By using Meest system you can receive money from 29 countries.
The company has more than 2,500 service points.



By using Welsend you can receive both international and domestic transfers.
The system operates in more than 120 countries, has more than 250,000 points.



Sigue Money Transfer is an international operator for instant money transfer.
It has over 60,000 service points in 143 countries.

General tips

Use PrivatBank’s services to send or receive a money transfer profitable, fast and convenient.

Find out what restrictions apply when sending and paying transfers. For example, citizens of Ukraine can send and receive a money transfer without opening an account or card.

Analyze money transfer options. For example, if the recipient and the sender have cards (accounts), it is more convenient to use a transfer from card to card or a SWIFT payment, since the tariffs for these types of transfers are the most favorable. If you need to urgently send money, then we recommend using one of the money transfer systems.

Make transfers to Visa or Mastercard. For example, if the person to whom you want to send money has a Visa or Mastercard payment card from any bank in the world, you can easily and quickly make a transfer just knowing the 16-digit card number of the recipient. You can send money from card to card on your own in Privat24 Internet Banking.

Frequently asked questions

What is an urgent money transfer?

This is an instant transfer of funds using the payment system, which allows you to quickly, reliably and profitably send and receive funds both in Ukraine and abroad.

What is the commission for receiving an urgent transfer in PrivatBank?

  • Receive transferrin cash - no commission.
  • Crediting a transfer to a card - no commission.
  • Withdraw funds from the card - according to the card’s tariffs.

By using what channels can I receive an urgent money transfer?

In PrivatBank, you can receive urgent money transfers by using the following channels:

  • bank branch (using a card or in cash);
  • Privat24 (using a card) - web and mobile application;
  • contact center (using a card) - by calling 3700;
  • self-service terminal (using a card or in cash);
  • ATM (getting money to the card).

Which countries are not available for sending SWIFT transfer to or receiving it from?

Forbidden countries:

  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • Cuba
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Nicaragua

Territories (unrecognized), cooperation with which is prohibited:

  • Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  • Nagorno-Karabakh Republic
  • Transnistrian Moldavian Republic
  • Republic of Abkhazia
  • Republic of South Ossetia
  • Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Kosovo

Attention! Residents of these countries also cannot send/receive money transfers.

Contacts for questions about urgent money transfers

Contact the customer support number 3700 or chat "Help Online".

Contacts for questions about TransferWise, TransferGo, SWIFT transfers

  • Tel.: +38 (073) 900 00 04 (9:00–21:00).
  • E-mail:;
  • Тел.: +38 (073) 900 00 02 -Concierge service for VIP clients (24 hours).

How to order a currency?

In case of ordering today until 13:00, funds will be available for receiving tomorrow.

To save you time, we have simplified the cash order process. You can order the currency yourself in Privat24 (web) in a few minutes. To do this, just go to the menu “All services” -> "Services" -> "Order cash" and step by step enter the necessary information to place an order.

The order amount must be a multiple of fifty. After processing the application, the bank will inform you of the date, amount and address of the branch where it is necessary to withdraw money.

The funds are personalized in your name, they will be available by the end of the working day in the department on the specified date. Cash order is available if the required amount is on the card/account.

You can make an order by calling 3700 or chatting "Help Online".

Commission for crediting a SWIFT transfer.

  • "Universal" card (including the "Universal Gold" card) – 0%.

  • Card for payments – 0,5%.

  • Virtual card (internet card) – 0%.

Commission for transfer crediting from TransferGo, TransferWise.

  • "Universal" card (including the "Universal Gold" card)– 0%.
  • Card for payments – 0%.
  • Virtual card (internet card) – 0%.

Do international transfers and currency exchange work?

Based on the NBU Resolution of 24.02.2022 № 18, the sending of international currency transfers is temporarily limited.

Exceptions for SWIFT-transfers (for which sending is available):

  • payment of medical expenses in medical institutions of a foreign state;
  • payment of expenses for transportation of patients;
  • payment of expenses related to the death of any citizen (not only of Ukraine) abroad (transport and burial expenses).

If you want to create a SWIFT-transfer from the list:

  • the client needs to create this transfer in PR24 mob or WEB;
  • before making a payment, the client needs to update the version of the Privat24 application.

Enrollment of transfers works in the standard mode, except for transfers from Russia and Belarus.

Due to the amendment of the NBU Resolution No. 18 and the Explanation received from the NBU, the Russian Federation and Belarus have been blocked from making transfers. Transfers from these countries are blocked by a special order of the NBU.

The possibility for all clients to perform the following operations is completely closed:

any foreign exchange transactions:

  • * using Russian rubles and Belarusian rubles;
  • * the participant of which is a legal or natural person who has a location (registered/permanent resident) in the Russian Federation or in the Republic Belarus.
  • Issuance of cash (rubles).

Are there any limits on the amount of transfers?

PrivatBank has temporarily canceled all transfer limits (P2P, Money Transfers). Except for payments on systems. There are limits on payout:

  • MoneyGram 10 000.01 USD/day
  • MoneyGram 28 000.01 USD/Month
  • Western Union 20 000.01 USD/Month

Is it possible to order cash?

It is possible to order cash within UAH 100,000 per day for client.

Will there be restrictions on the number of transactions or the amount of withdrawals?

The maximum amount of cash withdrawal from the PrivatBank card in the PrivatBank ATM is not more than UAH 20,000 within 3 hours. Withdrawal from the PrivatBank card in the network of another bank – without restrictions (in the absence of restrictions of another bank). It is possible to withdraw from PrivatBank's ATM from another bank's card no more than UAH 10,000 per transaction/UAH 10,000 for 3 hours.

There is also a limit set by the NBU – no more than UAH 100,000 per day.

The National Bank has set restrictions on the issuance of cash from the client's account in foreign currency in the amount of up to UAH 30,000 per day.