TransferGo money transfers in Ukraine

Fast and easy money transfer to PrivatBank card

What is TransferGo

What is TransferGo

TransferGo is an international company offering beneficial money transfer services with minimal fees. It serves several dozen currencies in 55 countries and has its offices in cities all over Europe, including London, Vilnius, Berlin, Istanbul and Warsaw. It participates in PrivatMoney system.

PrivatBank only allows receiving of TransferGo transfers.


Transfer can be received in EUR, USD, UAH.

The site is easy to use.

Transparent and comprehensible fees.

Fixed exchange rates.

One of the fastest ways to transfer money.

Mobile app for Android and iOS.

How it Works

step 1

Register or log in to your TransferGoaccount.

step 2

Specify recipient’s personal data: name, surname.

step 3

Confirm a delivery option and choose a payment method.

Mobile application TransferGo

Mobile application TransferGo

Download TransferGo today for simple, fast, and inexpensive money transfers to Ukraine.

Charges for sending TransferGo transfers
Tariffs for sending TransferGo transfers

Charges for sending TransferGo transfers

PrivatBank does not charge fee for receiving TransferGo transfers.

You can even receive payments in USD, EUR, UAH on your Card for payments without any fee charged!

Transfers are credited on your account automatically.

Is it safe to transfer money using TransferGo?

Is it safe to transfer money using TransferGo?

Yes! TransferGo is a licensed and authorized payment institution regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of UK) and controlled by HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) therefore it offers the highest safety standards.

Transfer regulations

You can choose desired transfer delivery time. The standard option is the next business day after the day your transfer has been sent.

TransferGo also offers a faster option – money can be transferred within 30 minutes.

Frequently asked questions

More information about TransferGo you can receive by:

How to order a currency?

If order is placed before 1 am, the funds will be available for receiving on the next business day.

In order to save your time, we have simplified the currency ordering procedure. You can order a currency using Privat24 (web), it only takes a few minutes. To do this, you need to choose “All Services” –> “Services” –> “Cash Order” and step by step enter all the information needed for order placement.

The amount of your order has to be a multiple of fifty. After processing the application, the bank will inform you about the date, amount, and address of the branch where the money can be collected.

The funds ordered are personalized, so that you are the only person who can receive them. Currency ordering is available for clients who have sufficient amount of funds on their card/account.

Additional Safety

TransferGo never asks customers to specify full card data (only last 4 digits of card number and full name), PIN code or CVV, and does not require conducting any operations with ATM or cash. If you have encountered fraud or received suspicious phone calls, contact TransferGo support team by phone: +48 22 307 27 51 (for calls from Poland) or +380 893 240 520 (for calls from Ukraine) or mail to