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The main advantages for freelancers

The main advantages for freelancers
  • Money transfer from foreign and Ukrainian partners
  • Free opening of currency accounts
  • Currency exchange without a bank fee
  • Immediate crediting of currency
  • Assignment of a personal manager
  • 24/7 remote service by means of Privat24 Internet-bank
  • Transactions by phone: transfers, payment of bills, repayment of loans
  • Special support line for freelancers - tel. (073) 900 00 04
  • e-mail:

Available IT Expert service packages

IT Expert GOLD
IT Expert Platinum
IT Expert Premium

Gold tier card – an international payment card of PrivatBank giving you option to receive free service from a personal banker at your convenience. Cards in any currency (UAH, USD, EUR) may be opened freely.

Card with a design – issue and delivery of a card with an individual design (chip, PayPass) – no charge!

  • You can choose the design and data you want to see on the card.
  • You can hide card number, expiration date, CVV code, first and last name.
  • The currency of the Payment card with a design is hryvnia/US dollar/euro.
  • The currency of the Universal card with a design is hryvnia.
  • The card with a design can be with a separate balance or additional to your existing card.

A free card with a design is issued with a promo code, to receive a promo code write to

After contacting you will be sent an email with a promo code and instructions for remote ordering.

Providing services to freelance entrepreneurs
Providing services to individual freelancers

How can freelance entrepreneur quickly and correctly start a legal work with customers of IT services

How can freelance entrepreneur quickly and correctly start a legal work with customers of IT services

1. Registration of entrepreneurial activities.

The choice of taxation group depends on the business environment. It is a good practice for freelancers who cooperate with foreign customers to register as an individual entrepreneur and choose the 3rd group of single tax payers:

  • annual income limit – up to UAH 5,000,000;
  • single tax rate - 5% (non-payer of VAT);
  • no limit on the number of employees;
  • the opportunity to provide services to nonresidents.

You can register a business entity directly at your computer at Diia.

2. Opening a Bank account in PrivatBank.

After the registration of a business entity, you must open current and card accounts. If you provide services to non-residents or receive remuneration in foreign currency, you must also open an account in foreign currency.

Almost all services for financial management are available in the Privat24 for Business Internet Bank.

In order to open an account without visiting a branch, order a meeting with a manager on the website of PrivatBank. And the manager will come to your office and execute all the necessary documents. You can also open an account for free without leaving your home at the PrivatBank's website.

3. Receiving payments and outpayments from a foreign partner.

If you provide services via the Internet, then in order to receive currency payments to an account from abroad, it is enough to provide the bank with a scanned copy of the invoice certified by you as a confirmation document.

Important! If an entrepreneur co-operates and fulfills orders from companies under the terms of a public offer agreement, then in order to receive funds to the currency account it is enough to submit a letter of intent about the work under the offer agreement to the bank when conducting the first transaction. All further payments from the company indicated in the letter will be credited automatically.

Invoice templates, letters of intent about the work under the terms of an offer agreement and details for currency transfer from foreign customers are available in "Privat24 for business" Internet-bank.

4. Crediting of currency to the account of an entrepreneur.

In accordance with the requirements of the NBU, 50% of currency earnings in the currency of the first category (USD, EUR, etc.) and RUB are subject to mandatory sale (conversion into national currency).

Mandatory sale of 50% of proceeds is carried out on the next day after the receipt of currency by the bank. After the mandatory sale of currency, the received amount in UAH shall be credited to the current account in the national currency.

The part of the currency that is not subject to mandatory sale (50% of the proceeds) is credited to the currency account on the day it is received by the bank.

Rates for entrepreneurs working in the IT sector

Rates for entrepreneurs working in the IT sector

We have developed a tariff package called "IT Expert" specifically for IT entrepreneurs.

  • Account opening is free.
  • There is no monthly subscription fee*.
  • Transferring funds to a personal card of an individual incurs a fee of 0.5% of the amount (maximum 50 UAH)**.
  • Non-cash payments to the budget are commission-free.

* If you spend at least 5,000 UAH between the 25th of the previous month and the 25th of the current month at trade and service enterprises or online stores using any of your PrivatBank cards, settlement and cash services will be free, and payments to other banks will be free next month.

** For entrepreneurs of Upwork, Payoneer, Google, Facebook, Apple, and other partner companies, transferring funds to a personal card of an individual incurs no fee.

Transfer of funds from a currency account to a corporate card

Transfer of funds from a currency account to a corporate card

In order to transfer currency from an account to a corporate card you need:

To open a card account (2605) in the relevant currency in Privat24 for business in the menu "Accounts" - "Opening an account" 1. To issue a corporate card in currency (only USD, EUR, RUB, for other currencies only cash withdrawal is available) at the bank branch.
2. To prepare estimates for business trip (examples of estimates can be found online).
3. To send a scanned copy of the estimate to the bank via the "Foreign Exchange transactions" menu of "Privat24 for business" Internet-bank.
4. To create a payment from a currency account to a currency corporate card in Privat24 for business.

After that the bank verifies the correctness of the transaction and effects a payment from the account to the corporate card.

Important! You can pay with a currency corporate card and withdraw currency from it only abroad.

Available operations with free currency earnings

Available operations with free currency earnings

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the following currency transactions are available to entrepreneurs:

  • sale of currency (conversion into hryvnia) upon application in the Internet bank;
  • payment for goods or services under an international contract (in the case of import transactions);
  • depositing currency at high % rates;
  • payment of travel expenses


All permitted cash currency transactions in Ukraine are listed in the Resolution of the NBU No. 200 of 30.05.2007.

Taxation of foreign exchange transactions

Taxation of foreign exchange transactions

Freelance entrepreneurs often choose the third group of the single tax (annual income of up to UAH 5 million), and entrepreneurs are required to pay the unified social tax.

The single tax is 5% of the income (3% for VAT payers) received from the entrepreneurial activity.

Payment terms - quarterly (no later than 50 days after the end of the quarter).

The income of a freelance entrepreneur (single tax payer) is the income received in foreign currency and transferred to the hryvnia at the official NBU exchange rate as of the date of receipt of funds to the account (p. 292.6 of art. 292 of the Tax code).

Date of receipt of income by a single tax payer is the date of receipt of funds by a single tax payer in monetary form (cash or non-cash), date of signing by the single tax payer of the certificate of transfer and acceptance of goods / works / services received free of charge (p. 292.6 of art. 292 of the Tax Code).


On January 05 the client received USD 100 (to the distribution account) to the bank. PrivatBank credited the 100% of the currency earnings (USD 100) on the same day to a client's currency account.

USD rates were:

Date The rate of NBU
05.01 38.04

The entrepreneur's income will be: (100 * 38.04) = 3 804 UAH 00 kopecks.

The amount of the single tax will be 190 UAH 20 kopecks (3 804 UAH * 5%).

Important! All further transactions with foreign and national currency after the first crediting to the accounts of the entrepreneur (the single tax payer) are not subject to taxation. Interest on deposits and the refund of a deposit to a current account is also not subject to taxation.

UST (unified social tax) for 2024

- For the 1st, 2nd and 3rd groups of single tax payers - UAH 1 760.00

- For taxpayers on a common tax system - UAH 1 760.00

Quarterly amounts are following:

1st quarter - UAH 4 686.00
2nd quarter - UAH 5 280.00
3rd quarter - UAH 5 280.00
4th quarter - UAH 5 280.00

Terms of payment of the UST (unified social tax) in 2024:

For the 1st quarter - on or before April 19;
for the 2nd quarter - on or before July 19;
for the 3rd quarter - on or before October 19;
for the 4th quarter - on or before January 19, 2025.

Important! Since 2017 the termination of entrepreneurial activity does not exempt an entrepreneur from paying UST. If during the reporting month the entrepreneur had no income (proceeds), then he/she is still obliged to pay the UST in the amount of UAH 1 760.00.

It is possible to cease to pay UST only in one case: the termination of entrepreneurial activities (closing of the individual entrepreneur)

Required reports for the tax service:

1. Declaration of the individual entrepreneur. Filing date: no later than 40 days after the end of the reporting period (quarter).

2. UST report. Filing date: 1 time a year until February 10 (if it is not a day off).

You can submit reports to the government services electronically via Privat24 for Business Internet Bank . Read more here.

Income tax - should be paid only in those cases when you transfer the income received from the current account of an entrepreneur to the accounts or cards of other entrepreneurs or individuals.

The tax is 18% of the transfer amount in favor of another entrepreneur or individual. This does not apply to transfers of your income from your current account to your card or other accounts.

Personal income tax may not be paid if payment is made within the scope of documented activities.

The report for the income tax is 1DF form for the quarter in which such a payment was made within 40 days after the end of the current quarter.