Insurance tariffs and terms

Validity period 12 months
Maximum amount of payment under the agreement (insurance amount per 1 employee) UAH 25,000.00/UAH 50,000.00/UAH 1 25,000.00
Tariff 0.48%
Cost of insurance (per 1 employee) UAH 10.00/UAH 20.00/UAH 50.00 per month
A discount is provided to businesses with a Salary Project for more than 100 cards, provided that at least 100 employees are insured 50%
Validity territory world 24/7/365.
Discount in case of insuring personnel of more than 100 employees – 50% of the insurance tariff or of the amount of regular payment for one employee. The discount is provided to an enterprise with a Salary Project for more than 100 cards (or if there are more than 100 Universal cards for a Salary Project with another bank) – 50% (payment of UAH10.00/UAH 25.00, the Economy package is not provided).
  1. The agreement enters into force in 7 calendar days after the receipt of funds (insurance payment) to the account of the insurance company.
  2. If there is no next payment, the insurance coverage under the agreement will be suspended until payments are resumed.
  3. Payment of insurance indemnity under agreements that have been suspended will not be made.