Corporate card for sole proprietors and legal entities: funds to pay for business trips and business expenses

An electronic tool that replaces a business checkbook and provides round-the-clock access to funds on the account regardless of a bank’s working hours.

Corporate plastic card allows to pay for

Expenses incurred to operate the business (e.g., purchase of stock, supplier payments)

Representation expenses (e.g., formal receptions, cultural programs)

Local and abroad travel expenses (e.g., hotel booking, purchase of tickets, car rental, etc.)

Purchase of consumables and FF&E (e.g., stationery, office equipment, furniture, gasoline, etc.)

More about the types of Corporate cards for business

Instant card

Instant and free issuance of debit cards of various payment systems and in various currencies to several employees of an enterprise at once with an individual payment limit set for each owner of a banking card.

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Digital card

Virtual card allowing to pay contactless for services and goods via Apple Pay or Google Pay with access to all operations available for a regular plastic card in Privat24 anywhere in the world.

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World class card with a photo

Premium card for business owners or employees who travel frequently and need extra comfort.

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Special offers for holders of World class cards with a photo

Mastercard business lounges: free access to Mastercard Lounges in the domestic flight areas of Ukrainian airports.

Mastercard Fast Line at airports: pass security and passport control at Boryspil (Terminals D and F) and Kyiv Airports without queues.

Pricing plans

Card currency UAH, USD, EUR
Issuance of an instant card free of separate charge
Issuance of a Digital card free of separate charge
Issuance of a World* card with the holder's photo Basic pricing packages Business Start package Business Comfort package Business PRO package
UAH 200 UAH 150 UAH 100 UAH 50
Fee for withdrawal of own funds (within Ukraine) Basic pricing packages Business Start, Business Comfort and Business PRO
1,2% 1%
Fee for withdrawal of own funds (abroad) 2%
Fee for withdrawal of credit funds (within Ukraine and abroad) 3%
Additional fee for withdrawal of own funds at PrivatBank teller windows without prior placement of an order for cash withdrawal (applies to any single withdrawal of more than UAH 100 000 from a given card) 0,25%
No-card withdrawal at a cash desk 0,2% min 5 грн
Printing of a receipt indicating a card balance at an ATM or SST free of separate charge
Fee for making payments at retail outlets (both online and offline) free of separate charge
Fee for processing of payments made from a card to a Card for Pay-outs or an Internet Card, for non-purpose fund transfers under the Salary Project, and for sending mass payments 0,7% от суммы
Fee for processing of payments made to a Card for Pay-outs from a credit limit established for a current account, Corporate Card, or a Key to Account card, as well as for non-purpose fund transfers under the Salary Project 3%
Fee for processing of payments made to an Internet Card or a virtual account from a credit limit established for a current account, Corporate Card, or a Key to Account card 3%
Fee for withdrawal of cash from credit limit established for a current account and/or for transfer of funds from Entrepreneurial credit limit established for a current account to any other accounts owned by the Client or by any other individuals (does not apply to payroll payments credited to payroll cards issued by the Bank) 4%
Penalty interest for unarranged overdraft or late repayment of credit limit debt 200%
Late repayment of unarranged overdraft debt Penalty in the amount of 0,2%, but not more than double the NBU's discount rate for each day of the delay
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* If the payment is made from a company's account via Privat24 for business.
All fees and pricing plans are VAT exclusive and charged in UAH equivalent at the NBU exchange rate as of the charge date.

Template for an application to join the Sole Proprietor Terms and Conditions
Template for an application to join the Legal Entity Terms and Conditions

Benefits of Corporate cards

Benefits for you and your business
Benefits of Corporate cards for employees

Round-the-clock access to funds (UAH, EUR, USD) and a 24/7 payment instrument.

Automatic 24/7 crediting of funds to a company's account and to a Corporate bank card when the card is topped up.

Transparency of business: funds debited from the account are deemed advanced and are reimbursed in accordance with applicable law of Ukraine.

No need to buy currency for business trips abroad: funds on the card are automatically converted at PrivatBank’s rate.

Cashless payments for goods and services at retail and service outlets around the world with no additional fees charged.

Cash withdrawal from a corporate card at ATMs of all Ukrainian banks at a unified rate.

Online banking allowing to change spending limits, block/unblock, order new cards, check balance and generate statements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the balance of a Corporate card?

You can check your card balance in any way that is convenient for you:

  • by sending an SMS* with the last 4 digits of your card number to 10060
  • via an ATM or a self-service terminal
  • via Privat24
  • by calling 3700

*mobile network operator charges apply

How do I activate a Corporate bank card?

For security reasons, a Corporate card must be activated by a client. Before using it, you will have to change its PIN code via an ATM or in Privat24.

How do I credit funds to a Corporate card?

Top up your Corporate card 24/7 in any way that is convenient for you:

  • via Privat24
  • at the cash desk of any bank
  • through a self-service terminal of any bank
  • by calling 3700
  • by topping up cards belonging to a range of numbers at PrivatBank’s website
  • by setting up automatic top-up of your cards

What operations can be performed using a Corporate card in foreign currency?

  • Withdrawal of cash abroad for the payment of travel expenses
  • Non-cash payment of representative expenses and operating expenses related to the maintenance of motor vehicles and air and sea transport abroad

What is the difference between an instant Corporate card and a World class Corporate card?

World class cards bear the holder's name and photo. Holders of World class cards participate in the Discount Club and Mastercard Lounge programs.

How do I get a plastic Corporate card?

You can get a plastic Corporate card at any branch of PrivatBank and link it to an account in Privat24 for business.

How do I open a virtual Corporate card for my account?

You can open a virtual Corporate card for your account via the Cards menu of Privat24 for business.

What is the maximum cash withdrawal limit for a Corporate card?

Corporate cards have the following standard cash withdrawal limits:

  • at an ATM: UAH 60 000 daily, max. UAH 20 000 within 3 hours
  • at a cash desk: UAH 300 000 daily

Standard limits can be increased via Privat24 or via Online Help chat at Please note: the limit on withdrawing max. UAH 20 000 from an ATM within 3 hours cannot be changed.

What are the conditions for changing a cash withdrawal limit for a card?

Card limits can be changed either for one business day or permanently. Basic limits can only be changed by a client or a person authorized by a corporate client (resident). This can be done using Internet banking functionality.

Can I use a Corporate card for online payments?

Yes, you can. Please note that the card must be authorized for online payments via Privat24.

How do I block or unblock a Corporate card?

You can block or unblock your Corporate card:

  • in the My Accounts → Block/Unblock a Card menu of Privat24
  • via the SMS Banking mobile app or by sending an SMS command
  • by calling 3700 (calls from mobile numbers are free of charge)
  • in the Card operations → More services → Block/unblock a card menu of a PrivatBank ATM
  • at any branch of PrivatBank