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You will save with PrivatBank!

You will save with PrivatBank!

One in three of Ukrainian legal entities has an account in PrivatBank! This means that you save on commissions as payments between PrivatBank accounts are free of charge, and your payments are processed instantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your benefits

Your benefits

Credit up to UAH 500 ths. can be set to your account. The credit limit is calculated individually and depends on the transaction amount of your account. The more transactions you make with the bank the greater is the amount of available funds. You have a grace period of 35 days!

You will also receive:

You will also receive:
  • A credit limit on your account.
  • Key to Account card - direct access to the account of your company.
  • E-banking services and account management: Privat24, Regular payments, SMS banking.
  • Free cards for your employees: corporate, salary, cards for pay-outs.
  • Cash management - welcome to retail takings and cash collection.

Special offer!

Special offer!
Pay by card "Key to Account" in the retail network on amount of UAH 500.00 and receive the PrivatBank account for free. To become a participant you should apply here or open an account in any PrivatBank branch.

Fees and charges

Small and Medium
Opening of an account Free of charge
Opening of an account in a branch UAH 100
Opening of an additional account for yourself or your business partner in Privat24 Free of charge
Service cost per month UAH 100
Making payments to PrivatBank accounts Free of charge
Making payments to accounts in other banks UAH 3
Сorporate cards and Account Key card Free of charge
Withdrawal of own funds using corporate cards and Account Key cards 1% of the withdrawal amount
Withdrawal of credit funds using Account Key cards 3% of the withdrawal amount
Payment by card at retail outlets Free of charge
Getting a statement, certificate (done by a client in Privat24) Free of charge
        Making payments in the national currency in the postoperative period
Internal payments Free of charge
Payments to other banks (not applicable for budget payments) Free of charge

Your benefits from PrivatBank account services

  Other bank PrivatBank Your thrift
Payments Average payment amount - not less than UAH 1.50 Payments between PrivatBank accounts - free UAH 3,600 per annum (for average 200 payments per month)
Credits Average credit rate - 25% per annum Guaranteed payments - 4% per annum UAH 21,000 (for a credit of UAH 100,000)
Salary project Average commission - 0.2% of the amount Commission - 0% UAH 8,400 (for a company of 100 employees with a monthly average salary UAH 3,500)

How to perform payroll payments to your employees in a convenient and advantageous way?

How to perform payroll payments to your employees in a convenient and advantageous way?

Free-of-charge cards for your employees

  • Corporate cards for economic activities if your company is being represented, travel and miscellaneous expenses etc.
  • Salary cards for payroll payments to empoyees.
  • "Cards for pay-outs" for one-time payments and payments to seasonal workers.

How to save time when you wish to withdraw funds from your account and have access to money 24/7?

How to save time when you wish to withdraw funds from your account and have access to money 24/7?

"Key to Account" card

This card gives the head of the company direct access to money on the corporate account funds. Hence, you do not need not to transfer money separately to other cards for cash withdrovals!

  • You get 24/7 access to your company funds, as well as up to the credit limit set for your corporate account, and no longer have not to depend on bank operating hours.
  • You also need not compile separate tax reports on your card account - all movement of funds by the card are reflected in your current account balance.

Regular payments

Regular payments

A system of automatic bill payments. Once you set up the standing order with the bank, henceforth, the fixed sum will be paid from your corporate account on the fixxed date.

The commissions are lower than those via bank branches.

You can always set up, cancel or amend the terms of the standing order at Privat24.

Privat24 online banking

Privat24 online banking
  • All banking transactions on your computer and smartphone.
  • You get 24/7 access to your accounts from anywhere in the world there is Internet access.
  • Commission is 5 times lower than at the bank, while payments are instant!
  • Privat24 security of operations is guaranteed, as you use both the regular password and a dynamic OTP one to log in. SMS-messaging is also applied to confirm transactions.

Transaction regulations

Operation Regulations
Open account Transactions are processed 24/7
Make payments
  • Payments to PrivatBank accounts are processed 24/7;
  • Payments to other banks are processed from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (operating EPS NBU)
Confirm the setting of the credit limit Processed 24/7
Stop or restart the line of credit Applications are processed 24/7
Opening deposit account, further deposits or closing accoun Online, 24/7
Loan secured against deposit Applications are accepted and processed 24/7. Phone contact:
weekdays 8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.;
weekends 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Payments by Fuel cards (from card to card, from card to depot, from depot to card) Instant and 24/7 payments
Payments by corporate cards (from card to card) Instant and 24/7 payments
Amendment of Internet payment limit for corporate card Instant and 24/7 payments
Amendment of expense limit for corporate card Processed 24/7
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How to reduce expences when you are operating with cash?

How to reduce expences when you are operating with cash?

Retail takings

Retail takings can be handed over to PrivatBank at any branch or via any self-service terminal, regardless of where your account is based. The money will be added to your account within a few minutes. You can use these funds almost immediately. An SMS-message will be sent to your phone with information about the sum and time of the deposit! Handing your cash over via self-service terminals is free-of-charge and available 24/7.

Cash collection of large sums

You can conclude a cash collection contract with PrivatBank. Online-collection is a really unique technology that allows you to deposit the amount to your account before the cash is delivered and checked. Money will be available in your account within 10 minutes after the collection’s processing.