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To open an account on the bank's website, you must:

For entrepreneurs
For legal entities
Tariff packages
For IT entrepreneurs
For startups

Tariff packages


Suitable for whom
Business Start

Business Comfort

Legal Entities
Business PRO

Large Business
Basic tariffs

Universal tariff
Monthly fee for a package (Individual entrepreneur/Legal entity)*

Monthly service fee (Individual entrepreneur/Legal entity)*
UAH 125.00/175.00

UAH 0.00
UAH 250.00/350.0

UAH 0.00
UAH 500.00/750.0

UAH 0.00
UAH 0.00

UAH 100.00/150.0
Payments to other banks UAH 3.00 UAH 2.00 UAH 1.00 UAH 5.00
Making payments to PrivatBank accounts not charged
Internal payments not charged
Revenue 0.1% of the amount min UAH 20.00 at cash desk
0.05% of the amount min UAH 5.00 at SST/AT
0.1% of the amount min UAH 20.00 at cash desk
0.05% of the amount min UAH 5.00 at SST/AT
0.1% of the amount min UAH 20.00 at cash desk
0.05% of the amount min UAH 5.00 at SST/AT
0.1% of the amount min UAH 30.00 at cash desk
0.05% of the amount min UAH 10.00 at SST/AT
Opening an account UAH 100.00/150.00 UAH 0.00 UAH 0.00 UAH 100.00/150.0
Opening an additional account for yourself
or a business partner in Privat24
not charged
Elite card issue for an individual Standard tariffs Platinum card issue
not charged
(1 card)
Issue of Signature or Black Edition cards
not charged
(1 card)
Standard tariffs
Currency exchange fee 0,15% 0,10% 0,0% 0,25%
Card with a photo for business UAH 150.00 Not charged
(no more than 3 card
Not charged
(no more than 3 card
UAH 200.00
Personal business banker Yes Yes
Cash withdrawal from a card for business 1% 1% 1% 1,2%
Payment by card at retail outlets not charged
Off-purpose card replenishment 0,7%
Getting a statement or a reference
(independently in Privat24)
not charged
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* Charged if there are customer transactions within a mont

Together with the account, you'll get

Round-the-clock service

All transactions that are carried out remotely and do not depend on external regulations are processed by the bank 24/7.

Clients of other banks receive payments from PrivatBank clients only during business hours, as these are transactions that depend on the external regulations of the NBU EPS.

Privat24 for Business

Privat24 for Business provides round-the-clock access to and management of your company's accounts using a mobile application.

  • ЕSingle mobile app for individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Services for accounting and reporting to the Tax Service

Electronic services

Using the Electronic Documents and Reports service, you can create reports and send them to authorities at any time.

The main fields in the reports are filled in automatically.

Our support team will help you fill out the report correctly.


A qualified electronic signature allows you to sign documents wherever it is convenient for you.

  • Without flash drives and plugins
  • Always in your smartphone

Business cards

Access to the company's account

You don't need to transfer money to other cards every time to withdraw it from your account.

Simplified accounting statements to the Tax Service – the movement of money on the card is reflected in the company's account balance.

Credit programs and leasing

  • Replenishment of working capital for current needs or investment loans to expand your business
  • Minimum package of documents
  • Online leasing solution

Round-the-clock consultations

Round-the-clock consultations

Corporate customer support staff is happy to answer all your questions 24/7, even at night and on weekends!

  • 3700 (free of charge from your mobile phone).
  • Online Help chat (24/7).

We also provide advice on non-banking issues:

PrivatBank is registered by the NBU in the Bank Registration Book under No. 92 dated March 19th, 1992. NBU license No. 22 dated October 5th, 2011

Legal address: 1D Hrushevskoho St, 01001, Kyiv, Ukraine

How long after confirming the application will I have to contact the bank's branch?

You can contact the branch with the documents within 30 days after confirming the application by phone.

How is the service fee charged for account maintenance?

The fee for monthly maintenance of corporate clients' accounts is debited no later than the fifth business day of the month following the one being paid.

I need to make a payment to my partner's PrivatBank account on a day off, is it possible?

Yes, the rule for making payments between partners who have accounts in PrivatBank is 24/7.

What is included in the current account fee?

The fee includes:

  • crediting inbound payments;
  • making outbound payments within the bank;
  • using Privat24 for Business, including giving access to trusted persons;
  • issue and maintenance of the Account Key card, salary and corporate cards;

* 24/7 support by phone at 3700 and in the Online Help chat.