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Staff insurance

Term of validity 12 months
Maximum payment amount under the contract (insurance amount per 1 employee) UAH 25,000/ UAH 50,000 / UAH 125,000
Tariff: 0.48%
Insurance cost (per 1employee) UAH 10 / UAH 20 / UAH 50 per month
The discount is given to businesses with a s/p project of more than 100 cards 50%
Validity area The whole world 27/7/365/td>

Discount when insuring a team of more than 100 people – 50% of the insurance rate or the amount of regular payment for one employee.

The discount is given to enterprises with a Salary project of more than 100 cards (or if there are more than 100 "Universal" cards on a Salary project in another Bank) – 50% (payment of UAH 10/UAH 25, "Economy" package is not provided).


  1. The agreement comes into force in 7 calendar days after funds (premiums) receipt to the account of insurance company.
  2. If next payment does not occur, insurance coverage under the agreement will be suspended until payments are resumed.
  3. Payment of insurance compensation under contracts that have been suspended is not conducted